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PODCAST: Wired Magazine Senior Editor Jeffrey O’Brien Goes “On the Record…Online” about How They Decide What’s Newsworthy

I got a call from Chris Anderson of Wired Magazine this morning. He was fact checking and had a question for his upcoming book about the legend of the long tail.

Our conversation reminded me that I never blogged about this podcast, which is pretty good. I ran into Jeffrey O’Brien recently at a conference in San Francisco and interviewed him for an audio podcast to learn more about how they decide what to write about. He edited the Hybrid feature story on last months cover, which he used as an example of what they like to cover, asking why it was that only a handful of automakers are currently shipping hybrids at a time when everyone seems to be craving fuel efficiency.

He said in addition to scope and impact, they are usually working on stories 3 to 4 months in advance, so they need “shelf life that 6 months from now is going to matter.

I told him about how the initial meeting I set up between Robbie Vann Adibe and Chris Anderson, which led to the legend of the Long Tail, and he responded by saying that the ability to codify disparate facts, put them in context against larger trends and light a fire under the blogosphere was the type of thing Wired did best. He made a good point.

But if your in public relations or marketing communications, whether it’s on the tech PR Agency side or the corporate pr side, this podcast is for you. If you find it useful, you can subscribe to our RSS feed and hear other episodes with different journalists as well. The focus is always media relations.

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