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PODCAST: On the Record…Online with Verizon Sr. V.P. Eric Rabe

Eric Rabe, vice president of media relations at Verizon Communications, goes On the Record…Online with host Eric Schwartzman to discuss the controversy over free municipal Wi-Fi services, the issue of Net neutrality, and the direction in which Verizon Communications is heading.


3:57 – Eric Rabe talks about the direction in which Verizon Communications is moving.
5:23 – Rabe explains Verizon’s FiOS service.
7:46 – Rabe talks about why the U.S. is behind in its network connection speed compared to other nations.
9:50 – Rabe on the difference between the use of DSL in the U.S. and Hong Kong.
10:20 – Rabe talks about the technology Wi-Fi and the ways to use it.
12:05 – Rabe discusses the controversy over free municipal Wi-Fi services: “…if the issue you’re trying to solve is affordability of internet connections I think there are many ways to do it that are more efficient that having the government go out and try to build a telecommunications network.”
14:32 – Rabe on whether there are advantages to using Wi-Fi to deliver broadband to the public.
17:06 – Rabe talks about Verizon’s partnership with Yahoo and whether it poses a challenge to the networks: “…there’s no doubt in my mind that IP technology is going to be the way television will be delivered in the future. Verizon certainly recognizes that…Verizon is well positioned to be a leader in that developing world.”
19:07 – Rabe discusses the issue of Net neutrality.
22:23 – Rabe on how Net neutrality affects Verizon.
26:02 – Rabe responding to a question on how Yahoo can be both a competitor and a partner of Verizon: “…it’s nothing personal, it’s all business…we have a lot of respect for all of these companies, Yahoo, Google, MSN…”
26:53 – Rabe on the challenges consumers will be faced with when choosing their media over the next 10 years: “I think the big issue for consumers is sorting through what’s available…its not just a matter of finding it and choosing stories to read or videos to watch, but it’s also the issue of credibility and reliability.”
29:10 – Rabe offers advice to other marketing and communications executives.
30:21 – End

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