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PODCAST: On the Record….Online with the California Copyright Commission


Antony Bruno of Billboard Magazine, Bob Lefsetz of the Lefsetz Letter and attorney Kevin Koloff and attorney Josh Wattles go On the Record…Online on how the recording industry is dealing with the challenges posed by podcasters to the traditional business of music licensing.

NOTE: Apologies to the first 200 listeners who downloaded this episode yesterday. The file I uploaded included roughly five minutes of small talk prior to the start of the panel discussion, which has been subsequently removed.


:30 Eric kicks off live from the California Copyright Commission monthly meeting; plays a snippet of panelists discussing copyright issues; introduction to “On the Record…Online”; describes the current show and introduces panelists Antony Bruno of Billboard and Bob Lefsetz of the Leftsez Letter; past guests of OTRO, how to subscribe the feed; upcoming podcasts; suggestions for guests; posting a comment to www.ontherecordpodcast.com; sending in audio comments.

6:26 Eric mentions the difficulty in sound quality recording the panel but did find the PMD 660 direct to compact flash digital recording device from Marantz helpful.

7:34 All about Podcasts: PodcastAlley.com; Podcast Expo; The CCC Board of Directors member Kevin Koloff is moderator for discussion; introduces Antony Bruno; Josh Wattles, former acting general counsel of Paramount Pictures and past president of LA Copyright Society; Bob Lefsetz.

12:34: Bruno kicks off discussion about podcasts; Apple’s dominance in podcasting; who is podcasting; who is listening?

20:00: Are people making money off podcasting; Josh says “Apparently not”; Discussion of Podshow.com.

26:27: Music in podcasts; American Society of Composer, Authors and Publishers; placing songs in podcasts, what are the issues for copyrights?; how to get clearance for songs; costs; steps for quoting songs in your podcasts; issues involving licensing music for podcasts.

39:16: Any business models for podcasts?; finding podcasts; the threat to music publishers and record labels; music industry’s involvement in podcasts.

47:20: Questions from the audience: What is a feasible unitary licensing format for podcasting that wouldn’t put copyrighting business out of business?; How are publishers being fairly compensated? How do you accommodate or account for the international nature of podcasting; Fees to musicians, instrumentalists, engineers and others?; anyone else in the world licensing?

68:39: Commission meeting wraps up.

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