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PODCAST: On the Record….Online with IT Conversations Executive Producer Doug Kaye

PODCAST: Doug Kaye, executive producer of IT Conversations goes On the Record…Online about the Conversations Network. Interview by Eric Schwartzman.

Show Notes (no time code):

Eric mentions Doug’s keynote speech at Podcast Expo; why podcasting is such a big deal; citizen journalism—gatekeepers to information; opening up media to individuals; huge impact on traditional media; Chris Matthews podcasting “Hard Ball”, bloggers; laying off people at New York Times and introduces blogs to the paper.

IT Conversations infrastructure: network of multiple series, conferences interview programs; publish 10-12 programs every week; staff of volunteers do almost of the post-production work; content and topics have moved way beyond IT; Non-profit effort; Kaye’s number 1 rule: “Sleep is the Enemy”; Kaye serves as podcast acquisition editor most of the time; importance of conferences; Gilmor Gang started on IT Conversations; Steve Gilmor’s move over to Podshow.com.

Making a profit from IT Conversations; Kaye talks about his background in the film industry and more; extending audiences through conferences; value of shows; funding for the shows; Doc Searles on the privatization of the internet; copyright issues; subscribing to podcasts; RSS Feeds; registering to IT Conversations or Kaye’s Blogs where members can get access to news and updates.

Fave podcasts: Music podcasts—Roadhouse, Covergirls; Adam Curry, NPR shows. Kaye listens to only a 1/3 of stuff on the network due to lack of time; most influential media to Kaye is the Blogosphere; He also reads the New York Times; reporting and quality of NY Times; challenging journalists much the way citizens challenge the government; podcasting in the next presidential election; “blogging so much more influential than podcasting”; may create “Political Conversations”; missions of IT Conversations: attempt to capture every spoken word on the planet.

Guys with mustaches are in leadership positions; what is it about guys with mustaches?

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