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PODCAST: On the Record…Online with Blogger Elizabeth Albrycht

Blogger and New Communications Forum Chair Elizabeth Albrycht goes On the Record…Online about the NewCommForum, social media and the impact of the web on the business of public relations and marketing.


10:09 – Albrycht on the establishment of the first New Comm Forum.
10:47 – Albrycht on this year’s upcoming Forum.
11:26 – Albrycht talks about why blogs are important for communication professionals.
12:21 – Albrycht discusses her initial interest in blogs: “…this is something you can use to have a personal voice…”
13:31 – Albrycht on the application of RSS.
14:24 – Albrycht explains what RSS is.
15:35 – Albrycht talks about RSS advertising and the challenges it presents.
18:07 – Albrycht explains how organizations can use blogs to their advantage.
19:49 – Albrycht on the status of the press release in the age of new media.
20:49 – Albrycht talks about how the changing state of the press release will affect news wire services.
21:52 – Albrycht offers her thoughts on Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s purchase of Business Wire.
23:05 – Albrycht talks about the value of the tech industry’s news releases over the wire.
23:51 – Albrycht on why people often issue releases over the wire: “…its kind of knee jerk reaction to put out a release for everything…”
24:44 – Albrycht explains social bookmarking and its effects.
26:44 – Albrycht talks about how bookmarking is indicative of what is popular online.
28:18 – Albrycht on whether the bookmark tool is sustainable.
29:46 – On whether there are problems associated with bookmarking and tagging: “…it seems very very chaotic but over time in fact you do have some very interesting ways that this stuff comes together…”
32:23 – Albrycht talks about the need for both mediated and unmediated channels of communication.
35:35 – Albrycht on what the mainstream media can learn from bloggers.
37:38 – Albrycht on the similarities and differences between public relations, marketing, and advertising: “…at the very highest level we’re all doing the same thing…”
38:59 – Albrycht talks about what type of people will be attending the NewCommForum this year.
39:55 – Albrycht talks about the keynote speakers of the Forum.
44:43 – Albrycht on having Europeans attend the conference: “…we have to remember the blogosphere and online is a global phenomenon…”
45:45 – End.

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