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PODCAST: On the Record…Online: Global PR Blog Week

PODCAST: Beyond the press release; building thought leadership through original programming podcasts

For this Special Global PR Blog Week Edition of On The Record Online, Eric Schwartzman interviews David Joseph (Audible, Inc.), Ethan McCarty (IBM Strategic Communications), and Aaron Burcell (PodShow Inc.).

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Show Notes


00:22 Show is introduced; what the show’s about; how to subscribe to show

Eric’s Comments:

0:24 Lets listeners know this is a special podcast for Global PR Blog Week

01:32 A little description about On the Record Online, how to subscribe, the Spinfluencer blog, Schwartzman & Associates, Inc. and For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report

4:13 Explains the purpose of this podcast, “Beyond the Press Release”, how podcasting and blogs can help public relations.

8:23 Mentions the names of interviewees for the podcast, all public relations professionals who are currently podcasting original programs or are publicizing themselves through other podcasts.

Interview with Dave Joseph, VP Corporate Communications & Strategy, Audible Inc.:

8:49 Dave talks about recent scuffle between Audible and podcaster Adam Curry and how CEO responded with a podcast to Curry’s remarks.

14:52 How press releases are viewed by an analyst, like Dave was before joining communications; making company conference calls downloadable and other opportunities for companies to podcast

22:40 Can podcasts build audiences and ultimately sell more books on tape?

25:10 Eric gets email interruption!

26:13 Audible’s future involvements with podcasting

26:58 Explaining DRM and continuing on Audible’s future with podcasts

Interview with Ethan McCarty, Writer, Editor and Technologist, IBM:

31:30 IBM’s podcast series for investor relations, not just about earnings

36:41 How does IBM’s podcasts help promote company stock; why IBM started podcasts for investors?

40:34 IBM’s process for producing podcasts, its frequency and business conduct guidelines

45:39 Evaluating the podcasts performances

Interview with Aaron Burcell, Director, Marketing and Communications, Podshow Inc.:

50:05 Aaron promotes his product Castblaster.

51: 16 Opportunities in podcasting for news releases

53: 30 What types of podcasts on Daily Source Code get played as promos

54:43 Opportunities for corporate communications in podcasting; Podshow’s news releases

61:25 Resistance to podcasts from journalists or analysts

64:20 Podcast style and production standards are different from radio, much more relaxed

65:14 Rebuilding trust of media through podcasts; creating permanent records and transparency at a corporate level.


70:40 Thanks to Michael Butler, who produced this show; how to subscribe to feed

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