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PODCAST: Markoff Says BitTorrent and RSS are Future of TV

In the latest episode of my “On the Record…Online” podcast, I spoke with New York Times technology reporter John Markoff about how he uses technology to cover the news, how he decides what to write about and best way to contact him.


Spinfluencer: How might technology change the current news media ecosystem?

John Markoff: “…the stuff that’s emerging out of the peer-to-peer world, based on top of things like…oh..examples are Flickr and del.icio.us, just as examples, not as threats to traditional media, but I think the threats will be based on systems that emerge that use similar technologies. Peer-to-peer architecture with an open API [application programmers interface] that allows people to reuse the information in ways never thought of by the people who created the content. I mean, there’s amazing range of Wikipedia style architectures out there affecting all digital information, and they’re all having an impact on the traditional media, if only just to steal attention. I mean, where is people’s attention focused, now that there are so many alternatives?”

Spinfluencer: How far off is ubiquitous wireless boradband?

John Markoff: “I think it will probably be within half a decade… My test for these things is to walk into Best Buy or Fry’s and look at floor space. And, you know, wireless routers are a huge section in those stores already, with a million consumer alternatives, and so, my guess is it’s somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of broadband users now, and so that’s still a pretty small sliver, but I bet you, the rate of wi-fi is going up dramatically, and then of course, the carriers — the cellular telephone carriers — are looking to deploy their own form of wireless broadband, and there are other players…I think certainly before 2010, or around 2010, we’ll be [at] more than 50 percent…[with wireless] broadband access.

Spinfluencer: What do you think of IPTV, in the generic sense?

John Markoff: “I think we’re moving to a point where you get to that million channel world by just hooking together BitTorrent and RSS feeds. I mean, I think that’s the future of television…”


The entire interview lasts about 20 minutes. He also discussed which blogs he reads, how he has been tagging contacts for years, filtering technnolgoies, email vs. postal mail, how he uses RSS feeds, what their impact has been on the business of reporting the news up to now and much more.

You can either subscribe to the “On the Record…Online” podcast by cutting and pasting our RSS feed into your podcast client, or register and listen to it right now on your computer.

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