Owned Media

The Role of Owned Media in a Digital Pivot

By Eric Schwartzman | July 7, 2021

It took a lockdown to get the last of the small businesses out there to pivot to digital. With COVID-19 infections down and US residents half vaccinated, small business reopenings spiked in Q1, according to the 2021 Yelp Economic Average Report. But is this a return to business as usual? Or should small businesses be…

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Marketing with Modular Email Templates: Why They Work and How to Build Them

By Kevin George | August 25, 2020
email marketing template example

From interchangeable parts to Lego to Minecraft to podcast production, modular means modernization.  So, why not emails?  Email generates an ROI of $42 per every single dollar invested but it is the most challenging part of the content marketing funnel. Despite being 40x more effective than social media marketing on Twitter and Facebook, email marketing is…

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How To Get Started with SEO

By Eric Schwartzman | July 21, 2020

Search engine optimization is a broad discipline with a lot to learn, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed. But even if you can’t afford to hire the best SEO consultant, there’s plenty you can yourself to search optimize your website SEO is foundational to nearly all your digital marketing activities and should be done early…

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3 Ways Digital Proximity Impacts Content, Conversions and Commerce

By Eric Schwartzman | June 11, 2020
shared and owned media strategy

When I created the Behind the Curtain podcast for the LA Opera, the goal was selling tickets to younger audiences. And you can’t sell tickets on iTunes. So if you’re thinking about how to leverage owned media through shared media channels to drive measurable results for your business, let’s take a moment to focus on…

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Top 6 Benefits of Podcasting

By Eric Schwartzman | June 8, 2020

This is my attempt to succinctly give you the benefits of starting a podcast. It is intentionally short and sweet. If you want a skyscraper post, go elsewhere. These are the benefits of podcasting from a content marketing perspective. I created these bullets 15 years ago for a client proposal when I launched my first…

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3 Webinar Marketing Lessons from SNL at Home

By Eric Schwartzman | April 28, 2020

As a result of the pandemic, we are all learning a ton about using webinars for marketing. And after watching the last episode of SNL at Home, I’m convinced there’s a lot we can learn from them too. Social media chatter about SNL at Home spiked significantly, first when the episode was announced, again on…

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COVID-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation

By Eric Schwartzman | April 27, 2020

I spoke to Robbie Vann Adibe, a very successful angel investor from Silicon Valley, about the impact of the pandemic on his portfolio. He’s seen multiple successful exits. We’ve worked together for over a decade and he’s been particularly good at picking winners. I set up the meeting for him with Wired Magazine Editor Chris Anderson that…

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Minding the Gap Between What You Say and What You Do

By Eric Schwartzman | November 13, 2019

Digital natives are a million times more media savvy and tech literate than most CEOs. They’ve seen reality TV stars transform into celebrities and watched their friends become instafamous. They understand how to manipulate media, so they’re not easily manipulated themselves. As a result, the practice of explaining the gap between what companies say and…

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What Shapes Human Psychology More: Nature or Nurture?

By Eric Schwartzman | December 1, 2017
nature or nurture

What’s a more important driver of human psychology? Nature or nurture? I just finished these books about the nature vs nurture debate, both by psychologists and here’s I learned that are applicable to B2B digital marketing strategy. Each book answered a different side of the question. If we are born emotionally predisposed to different points of view,…

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Is Trump Helping or Hurting the Gig Economy?

By Eric Schwartzman | May 19, 2017
Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

President Donald Trump has made it clear. When it comes to jobs and foreign trade, his administration will put American jobs “first.” But what does that mean for the gig economy, where people outsource jobs to freelancers via the web? And what will it mean for online talent platforms that match employers with subcontractors for…

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