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The podcast about how technology is changing the way organizations communicate, and the way people consume media and information. Est 2005.

By Eric Schwartzman

INTERVIEW: Marcia Stepanek on the Digital Anti‑Establishment

By Eric Schwartzman | May 16, 2014

This is a deep dive interview with Marcia Stepanek. She is a journalist, new media strategist, NYU professor and an award winning news and features editor. Eric:  Tell us about yourself.   Marcia:  I have been covering the intersection of technology and its impact on society and business, for pretty much the past 25 years.…

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Social Media in Higher Education

By Eric Schwartzman | April 5, 2014

Anyone can create an online course. On the other hand, making it an engaging and educational experience is a whole other question.   In this simulcast of FIR on Higher Education episode 7 Kevin Anselmo interviews Eric Schwartzman talks about how to make content interesting and educational in an online learning format. Eric has been…

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HOW TO: Prevent a Social Media Crisis

By Eric Schwartzman | March 28, 2014

Earlier this week the Los Angeles Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America hosted a panel discussion on what it takes to prevent a social media crisis.   In my opinion, PR spends too much time talking about crisis management and not enough time thinking about how to prevent them from happening in the…

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Social Media Education for Employees

By Eric Schwartzman | January 31, 2014

So you’re using social media for business. And sometimes customers and prospects actually notice.  But you can’t figure out how to scale engagement more consistently.  You need to get more people involved because on social networks, reach is a factor of engagement.  You’ve thought about getting your coworkers involved.   But they don’t all know…

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Big Data Risks and Rewards

By Eric Schwartzman | January 17, 2014

In this podcast, I talk to IBM fellow Jeff Jonas (@JeffJonas) about Ironman Triathlons, how casinos catch card counters, the future of personal privacy and big data analytics.   Jeff’s career is storied and diverse.  He’s built systems to protect the gambling industry from card counters, technology that allows organization’s to collect and analyze personally…

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Inside the Institute of the Future with Marina Gorbis

By Eric Schwartzman | January 6, 2014

Marina Gorbis (@mgorbis) is executive director of the Institute of the Future and author of The Nature of the Future.  In this podcast, she talks about how technology is changing the world of education, what motivates people to learn and digital literacy. A text transcript of our discussion is below.  Eric:  What is “socialstructing.”  …

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Top 5 Things NOT to Share on Facebook

By Eric Schwartzman | August 19, 2013

Drawing the line between what’s okay to share and what’s just too risky to share, the potential impact of the NSA PRISM surveillance program on the private sector and the top 5 things not to share on social media.   Ryan Garcia Associate General Counsel at Facebook talks about the impact of social media usage…

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Social Media Marketing Training Programs at Intel

By Eric Schwartzman | August 12, 2013

What does it take to help a company become a social business? It takes the support of management and employees, and that requires education and enablement. Which is why Intel launched their Digital IQ social media training program.  Because they knew that without the buy-in of Intel’s 100,000 employees, social marketing would never be truly…

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Social Media Marketing at Dell

By Eric Schwartzman | August 5, 2013

Social media marketing at scale requires engagement at scale and few organizations do a better job social media training their workforce to engage en masse than Dell Computer.   The PC-maker’s Social Media and Community University (SMaC) has already social media trained thousands of employees from virtually all segments of the enterprise.   Whether you’re…

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Online Video Marketing with Grant Crowell

By Eric Schwartzman | July 29, 2013

Videologist Grant Crowell (@grantcrowell) discusses online display marketing, video marketing and dovetails into social media compliance.   Topics discussed include:   Ethical issues surrounding undisclosed online advertising Responsibility Google has to distinguish between paid and unpaid search listings Lack of evidence on the credibility of paid content Ethics of sponsored content and inconspicuous disclosures Use…

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