"On the Record…Online" to Release Exclusive with David Pogue of the New York Times

Los Angeles, Calif. - Nov. 8, 2005 - On Friday, Nov. 11th, entertainment, media and technology PR professional by day, podcaster by night, Eric Schwartzman releases a new episode of "On the Record.Online" -- the podcast that takes listeners beyond the sound bite to showcase the story behind what makes news -- featuring an exclusive, 34 minute, one-on-one interview with New York Times personal technology columnist and blogger David Pogue.  Pogue discusses the recent Sony copyright protection software fiasco, Apple's new video iPod, and how he decides what to cover in print and on his blog, Pogue's Posts.
On the Record.Online is a podcast featuring uncut interviews with manistream media journalists, bloggers and podcasters about how technology is changing, and threatening to disrupt, the business of media and, in turn, popular culture.
David Pogue also talks candidly about the public's response to the streaming video items he has been creating for NYTimes.com, the Grey Lady's plans to implement flash streaming through a soon to be announced celationship with The Feed Room, and what makes good personal technology news.

On the subject of podcasting, here's an excerpt from the interview. "It gives you all the value of radio and television, but without any of the drawbacks. There's no schedule. There's no channels. There's no, 'Do you get HBO.' There's no paying. There's no commercials," says Pogue. "I just think that with audio and video podcasts, the sky is the limit. Everyday that goes by, I'm just hoping they don't mess it up. I'm just hoping that someday somebody doesn't come along and want to monetize it."
Previous episodes of "On the Record.Online," which are also available for download on-demand, feature one-on-ones with Ron Bloom, CEO of Podshow.com, Alex Ben Block, former editor of Television Week and the Hollywood Reporter, John Markoff of The New York Times, Nick Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal, two-time Pulitzer prize winner David Satterfield of the San Jose Mercury News, Leo Laporte of This Week in Tech, Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion, Michael Butler of The Rock and Roll Geek Show, Jeffrey O'Brien of Wired Magazine and many more. 

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Eric Schwartzman is managing director at Schwartzman & Associates, a public relations and intetractive marketing agency representing entertainment, media and technology companies. He is also founder and president of iPressroom, an application service provider that helps organizations integrate the web into all aspects of their marketing communications and public relations programs. His Spinfluencer blog examines how marketing, advertising, public relations, the news media and merging technologies influence perceptions, and his "On the Record.Online" podcast features newsmakers, journalists, bloggers and podcasters discussing how technology is changing the business of media, and, in turn, popular culture.

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