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On the Record…Online with Variety Executive Editor/International Managing Director Steven Gaydos

Steven Gaydos goes On the Record…Online, with host Eric Schwartzman to reveal the changes in Oscar campaigns due to the internet, his real opinion on the quality of the LA Times and how important the Oscars are as an advertising revenue source.

Variety executive editor/international managing director Steven Gaydos joined Variety in 1993, serving as the newspaper’s first managing editor of special issues. In 1999 Gaydos was named executive editor of Variety/Daily Variety and in that capacity he helps oversee the work of the largest entertainment news staff in the world. In August 2000, Gaydos took on the additional role of international managing director of Variety, overseeing the global business operations from the London office. Gaydos is author of the Variety/Putnam book, The Variety Guide to Film Festivals, and is also coauthor of Movie Talk from the Frontlines (McFarland) and Cannes: 50 Years of Sun, Sex and Celluloid (Miramax/Hyperion). Since March, 2002, Gaydos has been the regular feature presenter of the “Loose Talk” segment on BBC London’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Show. He is also a regularly featured guest on CNN, BBC’s Liquid News, World Service, Five Live, among others.

08:13 – Gaydos on how Oscar campaigns are changing as a result of the internet and its interactive nature.
09:15 – Gaydos shares how online chatter in blogs are affecting advertising decisions and how much people inside the business pay attention to these blogs.
09:48 – Gaydos talks about how surprising the copyright infringement action taken by the Academy Awards on the website www.oscarwatch.com was.
10:32 – Gaydos describes how realistic he believes the online copyright actions by the Oscars are.
11:51 – Gaydos reveals how major sites like YouTube and MySpace help show how the internet is growing as a platform for entertainment and information.
13:13 – Gaydos shares what traditional media outlets are in major trouble due to the onset of new media.
14:17 – Gaydos discusses whether or not he believes the new LA Times section called The Envelope infringes on Variety’s territory.
15:25 – Gaydos reveals how important a source of revenue the advertising leading up to the Oscars are, compared to all the other areas.
16:33 – Gaydos shares what trends he has seen in Oscar ads since the onset of new media and how this year is performing compared to the expectations.
17:31 – Gaydos on how big of an impact the huge numbers of awards shows have had on advertising for the Oscars.
18:40 – Gaydos describes how a movie such as Norbit will affect Eddie Murphy’s chances of winning an Oscar.
19:49 – Gaydos shares whether or not he thinks there will be any interactivity like there was with Justin Timberlake at the Grammys.
20:53 – Gaydos talks about the impact that new media has on his job and how strongly he feels about that change.
22:35 – Gaydos describes how the web has impacted the way Variety reporters cover Hollywood.
23:48 – Gaydos reveals his true opinions on the LA Times quality and what the paper needs to do to save its masthead.
25:15 – Gaydos on whether or not the IRS crackdown on gift bags at the Golden Globes or the Oscars has truly had an effect on the amount of swag celebrities are given.
26:30 – End.

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