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On the Record…Online with Release 2.0 Editor Jimmy Guterman

Jimmy Guterman goes “On the Record…Online” with host Eric Schwartzman to reveal his thoughts on the effectiveness of current Social Media business models, the misuse of the term conversation in “conversational marketing” and the Digg controversy.

Jimmy Guterman has more than twenty years experience as a successful editor, magazine writer, book author, and consultant. He has excelled across a variety of editorial topics and publishing media, both as employee and entrepreneur. Guterman is currently the editor of Release 2.0, an O’Reilly Media online magazine that focuses on future trends in Social Media. Additionally, Guterman acts as the community editor for Harvard Business School Publishing, he is an avid blogger and he produced The Sandinista Project. In May of 2007, Guterman lent his expertise to the planning of the sold-out Economics of Social Media conference held in Beverly Hills, California.


07:56 – Guterman describes the recent Economics of Social Media conference. Even as conference organizer and moderator, Guterman admits that he doesn’t have all of the answers. Find out what information surprised him.

10:29 – Advice on being acquired. Guterman reveals what differentiates those companies that have been bought from those that have not and explores the changing nature of deal-making.

12:55 – On Social Media business models: the standard economic strategy utilized by industry leaders and why companies should look beyond this model.

15:05 – Guterman on the relation between real and virtual. Opines on whether or not live interaction will ever be fully replaced by engagement Online and how this affects a company’s business model.

16:32 – Slams the term ‘conversational marketing.’

17:33 – The importance of listening: why your audience knows more than you do about your own product or service and how this affects the future of your brand.

18:54 – Guterman discusses the ever increasing relevance of being legitimate.

20:24 – The most recent release of online magazine Release 2.0. The similarities between Web 2.0 and Wall Street and how these two markets can learn from one another.

22:37 – The delicate balance between maintaining an Ad-friendly online environment and fostering a vibrant web-based community.

23:48 – On the Digg controversy: why Digg founders re-posted material that allegedly infringes upon copyright and what this means for the future of the site.

25:12 – Schwartzman and Guterman discuss the nature of VC funded startups.

27:29 – Mob rule vs. Democracy. The qualitative effects of producing content for a mass audience.

30:03 – The concern behind PR and marketing professionals entering the blogosphere. How to avoid pitfalls that will lead to negative public opinion.

32:33 – End.

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