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On the Record…Online with Podshow CEO Ron Bloom

Podshow CEO Ron Bloom goes On the Record…Online with host Eric Schwartzman to discuss best practices for podcast advertisers, podcast measurement, and valuing an audience.

Ron Bloom is the visionary CEO and business leader behind the founding of PodShow. Mr. Bloom is ultimately responsible for PodShow’s business units, team building, operations, financing and hyper-growth. Bloom was the chief strategist in securing PodShow’s marquee partnerships with Apple® and Sirius Satellite Radio and the company’s elite private investors, including venture firms Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital and Sherpalo Ventures. Bloom leads PodShow on the march to 100M listeners, and is often referenced as the visionary author of the media industry’s “5/50” rule and Fart’s Law of consumer technology adoption. A respected technology and media executive, consultant, speaker and author, Bloom has provided marketing, media and technology strategy for a broad range of Fortune 1000 clients including AOL, Time Warner, AVON, IBM, Oracle, Chrysler, Ford, BellSouth, DuPont, Nortel, Continental Airlines, Gillette, Microsoft, Omnicom and Procter and Gamble. As a pioneer in e-business and integrated marketing, Bloom has worked to develop internet portals, web sites, cross-media marketing, and integrated broadband and broadcast content, as well as strategic business plans for online businesses such as Preview Travel, The Gap, Network Associates, MSN, Oracle, Netscape, AOL and a host of others. Bloom has acted as a consultant to a range of investment banks and venture firms, working with them to identify and understand the impact of emerging technologies, having helped to raise over $500 million in investment capital for both public and private companies focused on technology, marketing, media and next-generation entertainment and communications. Bloom is a former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of THINK New Ideas, a company which he cofounded, and served as President and Chief Operating Officer of On Ramp, one of the world’s first and most prestigious Internet solutions providers.


4:07 – Ron Bloom talks about the metrics advertisers should look at when considering whether they want to advertise in a podcast, as well as qualifying a podcast.
9:04 – Talks about the advantages of using podcasts instead of other traditional forms of electronic media,”What podcasting brings is…choice, unlimited frequency, unlimited bandwith, an unlimited ability to mix and match, [and] it also gives the advertiser a tremendous opportunity to put together an audience in the millions…that have…multiple voices promoting their product.”
11:56 – Bloom comments on the fact that podcast downloads can be tracked, but the amount of podcasts played and listened to cannot.
14:58 – Bloom offers words of wisdom for other media companies and advertisers about how they should develop a digital strategy.
17:11 – Bloom discusses finding an audience for new media, “By spending it before measuring it, you’re going to find out what people like.”
19:53 – Bloom talks about how to value an audience and the CPM model, “I don’t believe in CPM, sometimes I refer to that as Cost per Mistake.”
24:50 – Bloom on determining the specific criteria to use to measure online behavior.
28:57 – Bloom explains what Podshow is and how it works, “We largely serve content created by independent producers or other people…the indications from our audience is that they are willing to consume and create increasing amount of their media spend…on networks that don’t feature mainstream media.”
34:14 – Bloom talks about the demographics of podcast listeners.
36:33 – Bloom answers a question on how an advertiser should decide whether to create a podcast, or advertise in an already existing podcast. “If you take your adveritisng dollar and part of your mission is to help other podcasters build their audience, then you’re going to get two things: a loyal audience and a loyal podcaster.”
39:51 – End.

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