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On the Record…Online with Los Angeles Times Editorial Reporter Jon Healey

Los Angeles Times editorial reporter Jon Healey goes On the Record…Online on how opinion journalism is adapting to the age of the blogosphere, how to get a meeting with the editorial board at the LAT and which political candidate the LAT is in position to endorse

Los Angeles Times editorial reporter Jon Healey contributes to the editorial page of the LA Times and focuses on intellectual property, technology, the economy, regulation and general business issues. Also, his Bit Player blog concentrates on the bridging of entertainment and technology.

Show notes:

2:58 – Healey on the political stance of the Los Angeles Times.

5:45 – Healey on the purpose and outcome of the Wikitorial experiment.

7:19 – Healey on media ownership caps.

8:53 – Healey on the present influence of the Los Angeles Times.

10:43 – Healey discusses the Los Angeles Times’ social media policy or lack there of.

12:41 – Healey on the advantage newspapers have over nonprofessional sources.

13:41 – Healey discusses the blogosphere’s level of influence on the Los Angeles Times.

16:10 – Healey on how to request a meeting with the board.

17:02 – Healey shares how to reach the op-ed side.

18:46 – Healey on the future market for journalism.

23:06 – Healey on market’s demand for copy.

25:10 – Healey on the Los Angeles Times’ opinion of the 2008 election.

26:53 – Healey reveals the new publisher’s political views.

28:13 – End

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