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On the Record…Online with LA Podcasters

LA Podcasters go On the Record…Online with host Eric Schwartzman to discuss their own podcast shows, the art of podcasting, and what makes a great podcast.

5:12 – Lance Anderson talks about how he approaches podcasting as an artist.
5:47 – Anderson talks about how many listeners there are of his podcast “Verge of the Fringe,” available at
6:09 – Anderson discusses the timelessness of his stories.
6:23 – Eric Schwartzman makes the distinction between a news program and a featured program.
7:17 – Grant Baciocco talks about his show with Doug Price, “The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.”
7:50 – Schwartzman talks about how most podcasts are consumed.
8:34 –Anderson talks about how to listen to podcasts.
8:52 – Schwartzman discusses the different ways to distribute electronic media over the internet.
10:16 – Baciocco and Doug Price share the voices of their shows.
11:15 – Baciocco talks about the fans of the show.
12:13 – Anderson talks about how often he is at the LA Podcast Studio.
13:33 – Dan Klass talks about how podcasts makes your program available to a potentially large audience.
13:53 – Klass talks about his podcast “The Bitterest Pill
14:25 – Klass mentions the countries of where his listeners live.
15:08 – Klass talks about what makes a great podcast and how his podcast has been so successful: “…I work very hard at being very honest and dealing with things on a very human level.”
16:19 – Klass discusses the irony of his show: “…there’s something about being so finite in the subject matter and so brutally honest about it that it becomes more universal.”
17:32 – Klass talks about the human element of podcasting.
18:45 – Schwartzman talks about Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book, Finding Flow and his renewed sense of optimism for the culture of celebrity.
22:14 – Anderson talks about who should podcast.
22:51 – Klass talks about how podcasts create communities: “there’s an audience out there for anyone who’s talking passionately…create the podcast and they will be able to find you.”
23:35 – Anderson on whether podcasts are media or art.
24:10 – Klass talks about companies podcasting.
25:05 – Klass on whether there is an audience for any subject of a podcast.
26:00 – Tim Coyne talks about his podcast, “The Hollywood Podcast.”
28:08 – Coyne gives a logline for his show.
28:28 – Coyne talks about whether podcasting is helping him in finding a romantic relationship. 32:03 – Steven from Pink Mafia Radio talks about whether podcasting helps with relationships. 33:19 – Howard Leff, a freelancer for a column appearing in The Los Angeles Times in the Calender Weekend section, talks about considering podcasting and what he envisions his podcast to be about.
34:18 – Leff talks about writing for the Los Angeles Times.
35:08 – Leff shares his opinion about the Los Angeles Times.
35:35 – Schwartzman discusses whether podcasters should be concerned that they may not have an audience.
37:13 – Tres Jefes discusses his podcast available at
38:07 – Jefes talks about whether he thinks he will have advertisers for his podcast.
38:40 – Douglas Welch talks about his column, Career Opportunities, and his podcast available
39:29 – Welch on the state of today’s job market and how to get out of a bad job.
40:21 – Larry Winfield talks about his podcasts “Sundown Lounge” and “The Patio.”
40:47 – Winfield talks about covering poetry in his podcasts.
41:26- Winfield on whether hip hop music has helped bring about the resurgence of poetry. 42:15 – Winfield talks about his day jobs.
42:30 – Winfield on why he podcasts: “I get to play whatever music fits my fancy, I like a lot of music, so its not restricted…I get to speak my mind…”
43:22 – Winfield mentions where his podcast is available –
44:47 – End.

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