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On the Record…Online with Forbes.com CEO James Spanfeller

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Forbes.com CEO James Spanfeller talks about the future of advertising in the digital age in this exclusive B2B marketing podcast.

JAMES SPANFELLER serves as President & Chief Executive Officer of Forbes.com, a leading media Internet company, and as Executive Vice President of Electronic Publishing for Forbes, publisher of Forbes, the nation’s leading business magazine.


05:00 – Spanfeller describes his role at Forbes.com and his history in print magazines and online media.

06:10 – Spanfeller answers the question, “Is print advertising worth more than online advertising?”

07:17 – Spanfeller elaborates on the ways advertisers can use new media to reach a highly targeted audience.

08:30 – The advantages of tracking and measuring new media over mainstream media.

08:52 – How online advertising is becoming integrated into traditional marketing campaigns and public relations campaigns.

10:30 – Spanfeller shares his opinion on the future of the thirty-second spot.

11:42 – The launch of the Forbes.com Video Network.

14:37 – Spanfeller explains how the internet gives users control of the media they access.

15:08 – Forbes.com’s partnership with Facebook.

16:25 – Spanfeller’s advice to corporations seeking to manage their online reputations.

20:10 – The creation of the Forbes’ Corporate Organizational Chart Wiki.

23:30 – Spanfeller’s best advice for marketing and PR professionals looking to integrate new media into their corporate communications, marketing communications and public relations campaigns.

25.13 – End.

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