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On the Record…Online with Fame Formula author Mark Borkowski

Fame Formula author Mark Borkowski goes On the Record…Online with Eric Schwartzman about the culture of celebrity, and his new book.

Mark Borkowski is author of the new book “The Fame Formula” and one of Brittan’s top publicists who has hosted some of the most noteworthy PR photo opps in Great Britain including: stuffing a record number of people into a Smart Car and marching a line of elephants into a restaurant to promote Trivial Pursuit. His new book “The Fame Formula,” which includes a mathematical formula for fame, examines the culture of celebrity in this modern age and how many publicists shape and mold fame.

Show Notes:

3:30 – Borkowski describes the background of “The Fame Formula.”

6:15 – Borkowski on how fame is different today from how it was pre 24/7 news cycle.

7:30 – Borkowski breaks down specifically how to sustain fame in today’s media market place.

8:05 – Borkowski on how to make someone without talent famous.

8:28 – Borkowski on the value of the soap opera lives of celebrities to the media.

9:00 – Borkowski on how our expectations of celebrity’s lives have changed.

10:20 -Borkowski on the evolution of personal PR and fame.

11:50 -Borkowski on the role of mainstream media coverage in the manufacture of fame.

13:19 -Borkowski on whether or not any press is good press.

14:05 -Borkowski reveals his insights on how to cope with consumer generated media in the evolving PR environment.

15:23 – Borkowski on his tactics for controlling the message in the social media world.

17:42 – Borkowski on transparency and authenticity in PR today.

21:33 – Borkowski gives PR advice for Barack Obama.

23:24 – Borkowski’s PR advice to the John McCain presidential bid.

26:00 – End

Schwartzman is the founder of online press room management service iPressroom.

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