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Marketing through Podcasts with Disneyland VP Duncan Wardle


VP Global PR Disney Parks & Resorts Duncan Wardle discusses the impact podcasts and social media marketing has had at Disneyland Resorts.  

Duncan Wardle is Vice President of Walt Disney World and Global PR for Disney Parks.  His current role encompasses the strategic development and execution of PR campaigns designed to raise awareness and increase intent to visit Disney Parks worldwide. 

Photo by Josh Hallett.

Mr. Wardle’s team launched the company’s first word-of-mouth and online social network campaign, enlisting thousands of evangelists and leveraging their passion for the brand to convert new audiences and promote special events.  He also oversaw the first global PR campaign conducted by Disney Parks in celebration of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary. 

Prior to his current role based in Orlando, Fla., Wardle has served in an executive PR capacity for the Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and Paris.

Show Notes:  

3:25 – Wardle discusses his role in the launch of Disneyland’s podcasts.  

3:51 – Wardle on the promotional benefits of podcasting.  

5:12 – Wardle on increasing transparency without destroying suspension of disbelief.

6:17 – Wardle on appealing to younger generations who are impervious to traditional media.  

8:10 – Wardle on the current challenges of marketing Disney, an iconic American symbol, to the international community.  

9:18 – Wardle on the future strategy of Disneyland Parks evolving in order to maintain the standard of excellence for theme parks worldwide.  

10:03 – Wardle shares words of advice for PR professionals moving forward in the digital era.  

11:25 – Wardle on his presentation at the PRSA 2007 International Conference.  

11:47 – Wardle explains how people can subscribe to the Disneyland podcast.  

11:53 – End 

Photo by Brandi Ibrao on Unsplash

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