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On the Record…Online with Coca Cola Comm. Dir. Ray Crockett

On the Record…Online with Coca Cola Comm. Dir. Ray Crockett

Coca Cola Director of Communications Ray Crockett goes On the Record…Online with Eric Schwartzman of online PR service provider iPressroom to discuss Coca Cola’s adoption of new media and challenges facing the company’s communication strategy.

This podcast was recorded at the 2007 Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Philadelphia.

Ray Crockett is the Director of Communications for Coca Cola, the world’s largest beverage company. He acts as the key spokesman for the company.

Show Notes:

3:13 – Crockett on reaching consumer audiences, which have become fragmented.

3:58 – Crockett explains integrating new media channels into Coca Cola’s marketing/communications campaign.

4:20 – A day in the life of a Director of Communications at Coca Cola.

5:00 – Crockett on how he sees social media impacting his responsibilities as director of communications.

5:29 – Crockett on whether social media outreach should be the responsibility of public relations.

5:57 – Crockett reveals the single-greatest challenge of working for Coca Cola.

6:58 – Crockett on his greatest PR achievement at the Coca Cola.

8:02 – Crockett on how Coca Cola responds to claims that soft drinks are unhealthy.

8:49 – Crockett shares his perspective on negative publicity about high-energy drinks.

10:18 – Crockett on the challenges of marketing Coca Cola to the international community during this period of war.

11:31 – Crockett on what Coca Cola’s iconic logo symbolizes.

12:10 – Crockett on targeting regional consumer interest in order to maintain global dominance.

13:26 – Crockett on allegations of racial discrimination within the company.

15:01 – Crockett on multi-cultural communications.

16:34 – Crockett gives advice to aspiring PR professionals on scaling the corporate pyramid.

17:45 – Crockett on the key character traits he looks for when recruiting employees for PR jobs at the Coca Cola Company.

18:24 – End

Schwartzman is also the managing director of Los Angeles PR firm Schwartzman & Associates.

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