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On the Record…Online with Cisco New Media Manager Jeanette Gibson

Jeanette Gibson goes On the Record…Online with host Eric Schwartzman to discuss the importance of online press rooms for today’s business community. They discuss the secrets behind the success of Cisco’s online news room, the economic benefits an online news room can provide a company and the culture shift that is occurring in the way people are consuming media.


05:19 – Gibson details the creation and evolution of Cisco’s new media team and how they have adapted and continue to adapt to the new media explosion.
06:39 – Gibson divulges how Cisco’s entrepreneurial culture has allowed the new media team to shake their initial reputation as a renegade faction and the effects of that culture shift on the way the company’s internal communication is conducted today.
09:04 – Gibson lists the benefits of online news rooms and explains how Cisco’s online news room has helped Cisco become a world class organization.
10:52 – Gibson explains why social media can’t be ignored and how the new media team at Cisco determines the most appropriate vehicle for delivering information.
12:42 – Gibson discloses why it is imperative that PR personnel, rather than web technicians, direct social media content.
14:11 – Gibson reveals why Cisco’s news room is the second most visited page on www.cisco.com.
15:59 – Gibson describes the objectives of Cisco’s news room and explains why the site promotes return business.
17:04 – Gibson divulges the new media team’s official three-pronged marketing strategy for Cisco’s online news room.
19:18 – Gibson reveals why Cisco’s podcast subscription rate is up 40 percent and why blog readership is up 60 percent.
20:37 – Gibson explains how the company tracks their relative success and how they have made cisco.com more user friendly.
23:59 – Gibson discusses why a website should be an experience.
25:12 – Gibson describes the methodology that has allowed the new media team to remain small and nimble.
26:18 – Gibson gives her expert opinion on why every company should incorporate new media into their traditional PR campaigns.
27:47 – Gibson offers advice to companies who wish to expand into new media.
28:57 – Gibson talks about the culture shift that is occurring regarding the nature of media, and what she looks forward to in the future.
31:04 – End.

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