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On the Record…Online with BusinessWeek Chief of Correspondents Joseph Weber

Joseph Weber goes “On the Record…Online” with host Eric Schwartzman to discuss BusinessWeek, the breakdown of how a story makes news and the future of print journalism.

Joseph Weber is chief of correspondents for BusinessWeek, based in Chicago. Previously, he was Chicago bureau manager. Weber joined BusinessWeek in June, 1987, as a correspondent in Dallas. He was Philadelphia bureau manager from January, 1988, until August, 1997. He then managed Canadian coverage from Toronto until December, 1999. Among his many awards are an Excellence in Financial Journalism Award from the New York State Society of CPAs, two Peter Lisagor Awards from the Headline Club of Chicago, and a Distinguished Editorial Achievement Award from McGraw-Hill. Weber is a graduate of Rutgers University and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


04:44 – Weber describes his role at BusinessWeek and reveals the details behinds a typical day at work.

06:15 – Weber responds to the question, “How does the news break down in terms of the news cycle?”

07:25 – Weber goes in-depth about the process of putting timely news online.

08:00 – Weber elaborates on the hierarchy behind the decision making processes at BusinessWeek.

10:34 -Weber on the section editors at BusinessWeek and how particular sections break down in terms of content.

12:20 – Weber discusses what channels an idea goes through before it becomes an assignment.

16:30 – Weber describes whether he feels he can predict the fate of a pitch before it’s vetted.

19:50 – Weber on whether we are in danger of loosing print news media journalism.

26:00 – Weber talks about whether journalists are partially responsible for missing the story on Enron.

28:20 – Weber shares his viewpoint on the deal between Rupert Murdoch and The Wall Street Journal.

29:11 – Weber remarks on the newspaper business’ decline and whether this is only a passing phase or a new reality.

31:50 – Weber explains his view on how advertisers are moving their business online.

33:00 -Weber elaborates on the future of the bottom line and whether it will affect the integrity of journalism.

34:39 – End

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