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On the Record…Online with Bausch & Lomb VP Corp Comm & Public Affairs Michael McDougall.

Vice president of corporate communications & public affairs at Bausch & Lomb, Michael McDougall, goes On the Record…Online at the 2008 PRSA International Conference about the fall of the house of Kodak, the online video explosion and the accessibility of social media channels for business to business and niche communicators.

Michael McDougall is a seasoned communications and marketing professional, with broad-based experience in technology (consumer and B2B) and healthcare sectors. He is an expert in marketing some of the world’s top brands on a global basis.

Show Notes:

3: 28 – McDougall on his panel presentation at the 2008 PRSA International Conference.

5:17 – McDougall on how to make sure web videos will play to worldwide viewers without the frustration of buffering.

7:07 – McDougall on NBC’s inability to provide easily downloadable video content like Saturday Night Live to worldwide viewers online.

9:14 – McDougall on how he was viewed at Kodak.

10:44 – McDougall on the future of Kodak with other players like Sony, Canon and Nikon.

12:27 – McDougall on the solutions recall at Bausch & Lomb.

14:11 – McDougall on today’s frenzy over social media like Facebook, YouTube, Bebo and Twitter.

17:58 – McDougall on how he uses social media for niche online opportunities.

18:52 – End

Eric Schwartzman is the founder of online newsroom management service iPressroom and creator of the New Media PR Boot Camp, which has been attended by over a thousand public relations and marketing executives from private, public, government and nonprofit sectors.

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