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On Demand Availability Challenges Box Office

According to a front page story in today’s New York Times, more people are watching movies at home instead of in theaters. Here’s a quote from a consumer, interviewed in the story…

“If I want to watch a movie I can just rent it on DVD,” he said. “I want to do things that conform to my time frame, not someone else’s.”

and another, this one from a market researcher…

“today’s audiences is a much tougher crowd to excite. They have so many entertainment options and they have gotten used to getting everything on demand.”

DVD and video game sales and rentals are up astronomically, and movie tickets only modestly. The story goes onto to say that the studios realize that the big advertising sales push to open their pictures theatrically “serves ultimately as a marketing campaign for DVD….”

NetFlix is also cited as an on-demand option working against theatrical distribution.

Public relations professional and marketers should take note. Just as the studios use advertising, promotions and PR to sell DVDs on-demand, businesses should be thinking about how they make their products and services available — or at least their sales pitches for their products and services — on demand too.

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