'Who Dun It' Starring Dennis Hopper Kicks Off Newly Formed Company’s 1999 Production Slate 

Beverly Hills, California/July 15, 1999
— Tsunami Entertainment, a new company formed through the merger of Burman Entertainment Group and a Canadian company formerly known as Omega Pictures, International, will put THE SPREADING GROUND starring Dennis Hopper into production on July XX, 1999, it was announced today. “This is a perfect example of guerilla filmmakers gone legit. With THE SPREADING GROUND, Tsunami Entertainment enters into production on the first of three feature films we will make this year,” said Mark Burman, the company’s president and CFO. 

Also attached are Fredric Forrest and Seymour Cassel. The movie will be shot by Derek Van Lent (ALIEN), who Ridley Scott calls “one of the best [DPs] I’ve ever worked with.” THE SPREADING GROUND is a dark thriller following the search for a child serial killer who is seen by the mob as bad for business. Executive Producer Mark Burman bootstrapped his way up to THE SPREADING GROUND on the heels of four low budget films that have ALL achieved profitable cable, sell-through and pay-per-view distribution deals. 

THE SPREADING GROUND is financed solely by Tsunami Entertainment through foreign presales, equity participation and Canadian tax credits. The film will be shot on location in Toronto in 35 days. The five million dollar thriller will be distributed internationally by Tsunami Entertainment. 

About Tsunami Entertainment 
Tsunami was born through the alignment of Burman Entertainment Group with a Canadian company previously known as Omega Pictures International. Through the merger, Tsunami Entertainment combines creative development and independent production mavens with Omega’s solid sales and distribution know-how. Tsunami Entertainment is positioned to lens a total of three features in 1999, all of which will be made through a combination of pre-sales, equity participation, co-productions and off balance sheet financing. Tsunami’s next feature film shooting Fall 1999 is an actioner dubbed TRIPWIRE starring Andy Garcia. In Winter 1999, Tsunami will put THE SEABREEZE, a comedy about a homophobic con man who stows away on an all gay cruise ship, into production.