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Using Blogs to Drive Word of Mouth

Are people talking about you on the Internet? Do you know what they're saying? Blogs, many of which are generated by consumers, are giving rise to online discussions that impact social behavior and popular opinion. Find out why blogs have emerged as the biggest opportunity currently facing online marketers and public relations professionals. read more

Podcasting for PR

Think of it as Tivo for the Web. You no longer need to buy satellite time to get your story out using the power of the spoken word, and moving image. Now, you can podcast your next story to an audience of millions, who can download and listen to your story on-demand. read more

Syndicating Your News via the Net with RSS

On the Net, where keywords and phrases guide your every move, how do you make sure people can find your story, even if they have no idea about it in the first place? Syndicated news feeds are easy and efficient vehicles for making sure you can be found. read more


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