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For more than a decade, Weddington Productions has been a leader in theatrical sound design and editing. With award winning sound designers Mark Mangini and Richard Anderson, and Chief Operations Officer Marc Vanocur at the helm, Weddington's talents have been recognized by four ACADEMY AWARD nominations; winning once for “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” In addition, Weddington's superb teams of editors and sound designers have received numerous GOLDEN REEL award nominations; winning several times. Additional Weddington’s credits include “The Green Mile”, “Being John Malkovich”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Lethal Weapon 4” and “The Lion King.” Weddington productions is based in North Hollywood and employs a full-time staff of XX sound designers, recording engineers, sound editors, foley artists and mixers. 

In 1970, Echo Sound Services established itself as one of the first sound editorial companies to offer independent producers a competitively priced, high quality alternative to the major studio’s sound departments. Echo Sound Services’ reputation is built on its decades of experience delivering some of the most creative, memorable sound tracks of all time. With 11 EMMY Awards, more than 30 GOLDEN REEL awards, and scores of nominations, this editorial sound packaging pioneer has completed thousands of successful theatrical motion picture and long-form television sound editorial packages. 

Digital Sound Works is a post-production sound company with a full-time staff of 24 editors and four supervisors. Consecutively during each of the last X years, Digital Sound Works has finished no less than 20 theatrical feature films per year. Digital Sound Works recently expanded into feature and television animation, and currently offers ADR, editorial and mix packages to clients such as the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Digital Sound Works has an 8,000 square foot facility in Burbank with 12 editorial suites, two video projection 5.1 dubbing stages and a full size THX 5.1 film mastering projection stage. 

Since 1987, Larson Sound Center has operated as a full service post production sound facility with eight sound effects and dialogue editing suites, two ADR/Foley stages; two separate 3-mixer re-recording stages; a 2-mixer re-recording stage and an in-house sound transfer department. 

Larson Sound Center services the needs of a wide variety of clients including those producing hour dramas, half-hour sitcoms, movies for television, television and feature animation, specials and feature films. Our award winning staff of sound supervisors, editors and mixers have received more than 40 EMMY AWARD nominations, winning ten times for such popular television shows as “Frasier” and “Cheers”, as well as “Harvest of Fire” and “One Against the Wind.” Based in Burbank, Larson Sound Center has a full-time staff of roughly XX creative and technical sound professionals. 

Under the direction of sound designers Sandy Gendler, George Berndt and Richard Corwin, whose credits include “Titanic”, “Independence Day”, “Face Off”, “Stargate”, “Godfather III” and “Field of Dreams,” Sound Asylum is a high-end, sound editorial boutique catering to the theatrical motion picture trade.