Music Recognition Service Puts Smart Browser Inside Media Player Software

Berkeley, CA – July 12, 2000 – CDDB®, a music recognition service used by over 18 million individuals each month has adapted their service to associate content with music played on PCs and CE devices. 

today announced an agreement with Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO), a leading global Internet communications, commerce, and media company serving 145 million individuals worldwide each month. Under the agreement, CDDB is providing Yahoo!? Player ( with its service, which recognizes music played on computers, and then provides related artist, album and track information via the Net. Yahoo! Player is a free streaming media player that gives Yahoo! Music consumers an easy solution for playing all their digital music, including streamed and downloaded MP3 files, as well as CDs. 

“We are pleased to offer this service to the millions of music fans who use Yahoo!,” said David Hyman, president of CDDB. “We think this agreement has the potential to significantly increase our lookup counts.” 

‘Look up counts’ refers to the number of times the Compact Disc DataBase, which matches a CD with its related artist, album and track information, is queried by CDDB-enabled software users, and has emerged as an indicator of popular music online, since the most played albums are looked up most frequently. CDDB houses information on over 627,000 albums and currently responds to over 18 million look-ups from different individuals each month. The CDDB Top Ten (, which charts the ten most looked up artists online, is published weekly by Billboard ( 

“We are proud of the fact that this Internet leader has selected CDDB as an important piece of the Yahoo! Player,” said Jim Kinney, vice president of sales and business development for CDDB. “We think that this deal underscores the value of our product to the major companies participating in the media player market space.” 

About CDDB 
CDDB’s Music Recognition ServiceSM is the industry standard music information and recognition protocol used by the vast majority of media players including Yahoo! (YHOO), RealNetworks (RNWK), AOL (AOL), MusicMatch, Sony (SNE), Adaptec (ADPT), and hundreds of other developers supplying over 18 million users a month with instant album information. Users can log onto to download the latest CDDB-ready applications. In addition to recognizing and naming artists, albums and tracks for listeners during playback, CDDB also points users to other websites featuring related artist information and has content partnerships in place with,, and tour information from Pollstar. The company integrates unique and compelling applications and utilities into its software, which is licensed by over 500 media player developers worldwide. CDDB is privately owned and headquartered in Berkeley, California. 

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