Korn's "Issues" Goes Silicon On The Internet

Distinction Recognizes Most Popular Musical Artists Online 
Los Angeles/June 22, 2000 — CDDB®, the standard music recognition protocol and information exchange on the Net presented the Internet’s most distinguished award, the Silicon CD, to top alternative musical artist Korn at www.Korn.com for their album “Issues.” Korn lead singer, Jonathan Davis took time out from the studio where he is currently composing the soundtrack for the sequel to “Interview with a Vampire” to accept the award. At the end of the month, Korn goes on tour with Metallica, who recently filed suit against Napster. 

CDDB is the leading supplier of music information to media player applications such as RealJukebox, MusicMatch Jukebox, AOL’s Winamp, Sony’s OpenMG, and over 500 other applications and CE devices. These CDDB-enabled players communicate with the Compact Disc DataBase via the Internet, passing along the fan’s requests for information on albums they are playing. The CDDB service answers these requests by providing artist, album and track information, as well as link to content partners (like MTV.com) who may be breaking news on the artist being played. CDDB then aggregates all the requests, or “look-ups”, and publishes the CDDB Top Ten, the most accurate measurement of what wired fans across the world listen to worldwide. 

A testimony to the integrity of CDDB’s Top Ten music chart, Billboard is now publishing the CDDB Top Ten online at www.Billboard.com. Those discs popular enough to chart on the CDDB Top Ten for 30 days or more are certified “Silicon” and eligible to receive the Silicon CD Award. 

Running parallel to music charts that track radio airplay and album sales, the CDDB Digital Top 10 has emerged as the most accurate source for charting music on the Internet. Through its proprietary Disc Recognition Service, CDDB is uniquely positioned to calibrate which audio CDs are popular in PCs worldwide. Artists are only eligible to receive the prestigious trophy featuring an authentic, laser-etched silicon wafer if their album maintains Top 10 status for a period of 30 days. 

“We are honored to present Jonathan Davis of Korn with the band’s second Silicon CD for the hit album ‘Issues,’” said Ann E. Greenberg, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at CDDB. “The award honors the aggregated requests of over 40 Million fans a month. What this means is that Korn’s “Issues” has emerged as one of the most popular albums online.” 

If you care to discover which CDs wired music fans (typically high income, baby boomer and younger demographic group of PC users) listen to most, log onto www.CDDB.com/stats.html and see what discs are actually being played in Internet aware PCs and consumer electronic devices rather than gathering dust on a shelf. The CDDB Top Ten is tabulated from 40 million different playbacks over a 30-day timeframe.