Interchange to provide services for sending and tracking orders among trading partners on the Net

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif./Jan. 25, 2000 – Steve Mezak, long time Silicon Valley innovator in business-to-business commerce technology, has launched SendOrder.com, a hosted web-based service to centralize and simplify sales order and purchase order transactions on the Net to facilitate e-commerce between trading partners. 

“SendOrder.com is using the Internet to revolutionize the business to business ordering process on the Web. No one offers a practical product or service that truly brings together both buyers and sellers, linking the entire supply chain,” said Mezak, who joined forces with financial expert Joel Kaplan to co-found SendOrder.com. 

“Companies in every industry usually have both small and large vendors and suppliers as trading partners. Buyers and sellers at small and medium businesses have only the phone and fax as tools of their trade. Large companies have already wasted time and money with ineffective EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) initiatives. We are quite bullish that a niche opportunity exists in this sector. With SendOrder.com we’re providing an affordable service for companies of all sizes. And we do so without forcing companies to make major changes to their existing procurement process.” 

Mr. Mezak is a veteran of multiple start-ups in supply chain management and e-commerce. He was co-founder and key developer at Aspect Development, Inc., the leader in the newly created Component and Supplier Management (CSM) system market. In May, 1996 Aspect completed a successful IPO. After his work at Aspect, Mr. Mezak helped found Digital Market, a pioneering business-to-business company in the electronic parts marketplace where he was responsible for the design and implementation of the Digital Market Internet market place for electronic parts. Steve’s previous experience was as president of his own software development and consulting firm. 

In recent times Steve is seeing a great evolution in how business is conducted. In talking with buyers, sellers, shipping and receiving people in a wide range of companies he relates hearing a recurring theme, “A company may have its internal front office and back office systems integrated. But conducting transactions between companies is quite another story. There are large gaps to bridge between the different systems of various companies doing business with each other. This is where SendOrder.com will make it possible to improve business interactions while reducing interaction costs. ” 

About SendOrder.com 

SendOrder.com is a B2B E-Commerce service for buyers and sellers to send order information over the Internet. 

A complex problem or “pain” common to buyers and sellers in businesses everywhere involves ordering, expediting, reconciling—generally keeping straight—the many purchase and sales transactions that go into making business flow on a day-to-day basis. As the antidote for this “pain” SendOrder.com is creating and will soon move from beta to general release with its e-Business solution. 

SendOrder.com received its initial funding in October 1999 from several Silicon Valley private individuals experienced in building technology-based companies. The funds are being used for product development, initial staffing, and for the establishment of company headquarters. 

The company’s corporate offices are located at 1875 Charleston Road, Mountain View, CA 94043. Its website is at www.sendorder.com. SendOrder.com is offering various levels of its hosted service, including a free version to facilitate rapid adoption of the service between companies. Premium features will be available through subscription fees. The company is also exploring partnership opportunities with companies offering related products, services or distribution.