Boxing Event gets a Hand

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August 21, 1999 
Houston Chronicle 

A last-second contribution by Houston lawyer John O'Quinn provided funding for the World Amateur Boxing Championship at the George R. Brown Convention Center. 

The Olympic-style boxing event, scheduled for Aug. 27, was facing financial problems earlier this year. Improper funding would not put Houston in a good light as the city is trying to attract the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. 

But in an 11th-hour move, The John M. O'Quinn Foundation agreed to become the presenting sponsor. 

"This kind of public spiritedness is what it takes for a city to compete on the world stage," George DeMontrond, Houston's Olympic organizer, said in a prepared statement. "This gives our total Olympic endeavor a good boost, in that it demonstrates Houston's can- do spirit to visitors from around the world." 

The boxing event, hosted by the Houston International Sports Committee, will attract 500 athletes from 70 countries.