New B2B Web Portal Ready to Facilitate Easy Purchase Order and Sales Order Processing

 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif./March 9, 2000 – SendOrder.com today announced the general release of its free web-based service—their SendOrder.com Commerce Interchange(TM). Focusing on the fulfillment side of supply chain management, the SendOrder.com Commerce Interchange lets buyers and sellers securely "send order" information in a variety of formats over the Internet. These orders can be purchase orders placed with suppliers, sales orders received from customers, or both. “Companies of any size can now use www.SendOrder.com’s free service and have a place to send and track orders on the Net,” said Steve Mezak, CEO of SendOrder.com and EDI expert. 

This is SendOrder.com’s first step in a comprehensive strategy for making B2B commerce available to companies of all sizes. XML and EDI interfaces to the Commerce Interchange will be available to manufacturers and vertical portals or marketplaces in upcoming versions planned for Q2-2000. The company is currently working closely with business customers who are actively using the free web-based software service for purchase order processing. 

SendOrder.com is addressing a complex problem common to buyers and sellers in businesses everywhere: processing of volumes of their purchasing and sales orders with a diverse set of trading partners. Once a purchase decision has been made, buyers and sellers routinely feel “pain” in accurately placing, expediting, and reconciling orders with a variety of vendors or customers. 

To solve this problem, the SendOrder.com web-based service provides business buyers and sellers a common, real-time view of all orders as they make their way through various stages of fulfillment. This solution implements a hosted central hub or portal where each trading partner uses one connection to send multiple order fulfillment transactions. This hub, called a Commerce Interchange, has four main functions: (1) Transaction Management, (2) Data Translation, (3) Messages and Alerts, and (4) Order History and Archive. 

Innovating Internet-based Order Processing 

“Even in today’s lightning-paced business climate many companies are still sending, receiving and trying to track the status of each order with dozens or even hundreds of vendors with the phone and fax!” points out CEO Steve Mezak, who has also been a founder and driving force at two previous e-commerce companies. “Meanwhile, similar activities are attempted with mixed success at large corporations through the use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). These peer-to-peer solutions do not scale to large, efficient and dynamic trading partner communities. SendOrder.com is bringing this all to the web with our Commerce Interchange. This tool is now available to expand the reach and functionality of EDI, fax, and phone to help bring businesses increased efficiency and better bottom lines.” 

SendOrder.com goes beyond mere document translation and delivery with its scalable, yet easily deployable Commerce Interchange. Companies and business communities can further use the service to model and implement Best Practices in fulfillment business processes throughout their supply chains. 

“Today’s announcement is an exciting first step in our strategy to enable all companies to transact business electronically.” Mezak continues, “SendOrder.com is poised to be a business-to-business ‘Killer App’—the pre-eminent buyer-seller communications software service. It is easy to use without sacrificing the power and versatility that is required to make fast, reliable procurement decisions for companies up and down a supply chain.” 

About SendOrder.com 

SendOrder.com’s mission is to simplify commerce by providing an economical, easy to use service for companies to transact business electronically. Its state of the art Commerce Interchange technology provides a solid B2B E-Commerce framework for buyers and sellers to send and track order information over the Internet, while also supporting best practices in Fulfillment. With its messaging feature SendOrder.com provides order status notification via pager, e-mail or fax to assure clear communications and fast cycle times, allowing purchasers to get the most out payment terms. 

The New York Times recently reported, “B2B transactions are expected to rise from $145 billion last year to $2.3 trillion in 2004, according to the Gartner Group.” In addition to the free basic service being announced today, SendOrder.com offers companies fee-based integration to legacy ERP or accounting systems with its Silver, Gold and Platinum services. Premium features are available through subscription fees. The company has initiated a reseller program for VARs, consulting firms, portals and ASPs. It is also exploring technology partnership opportunities with companies offering related products or services. 

SendOrder.com was incorporated in June, 1999. In October, 1999 the company completed a round of private funding from several Silicon Valley individuals experienced in building technology-based companies. The funds are being used for product development, initial staffing and launch activities, and for the establishment of company headquarters.