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New Media PR Boot Camp in Singapore Concluded

It was encouraging to see so much interest among government agencies in the practice of new media PR. Out of nearly 100 delegates, 65% were from Goverment/Public Service. We had public relations and corporate communications execs from a variety of sectors including housing, land transport, health and even the local prisons service.

NGOs and private sector PR pros were also in attendance at my New Media PR Boot Camp, which is a one-day seminar that takes attendees on a whirl wind tour of the whole wired world to help professional business communicators better understand how the Internet is changing the way organizations communicate, and the way people consume media and information.

My New Media PR Boot Camp is designed to give attendees the foundational knowledge they need to integrate new media tools like blogs, podcasts, RSS, SEO and measurement into conventional, mainstream public relations, corporate communications and marketing campaigns through an examination of best practices demonstrated through multiple case studies.
If you’re interested in taking a look at the PowerPoint presentation, which is available as a PDF download only, follow these instructions:
1. Right Click This Link
2. Select “Save Target As”
3. Browse to a Location where you’d like to Save the PDF file
4. Be sure you have Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher to view
The presentation includes plenty of useful links to numerous useful Web 2.0 services. If you’d like to inquire about scheduling a New Media PR Boot Camp at your agency or organization, please contact Jennifer Dekel at +1-310-446-8310 or jdekel at schwartzmanpr dot com.
Thanks to Pacific Conferences for producing the session.

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