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“Meet the Press” Books Bono

In preparation for the G8 summit, Tim Russert interviewed an unlikely guest on his public affairs television program this morning. And while the media pundits may grimace, accusing NBC of putting the shameless pursuit of ratings before the issues by booking a rock star — who was interviewed in Dublin via satellite — Bono did an excellent job staying on message.


BONO: I think in the next week, if the U.S. looks deep into its soul and more importantly its wallet and says, “Look, if we want to win the war against terror, we have to win the war against poverty.” I didn’t say that by the way. Colin Powell said that, a military man, and if want to win the war against poverty or be seen at least to show global leadership here, we are going to have to put our hands in our pocket in ways that we don’t want to, but this is the moment, this is the time, and we have the rest of the world waiting. They’re already in agreement, as I said to you earlier, the French, the Germans, the Italians, and if America comes through and leads this, I promise President Bush, I promise the people of America ’cause these are hard choices to make. I understand that, but this will be something in 50 years’ time, in 25 years’ time people will be very proud to have been a part of.

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