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Media Relations and the Law of Diminishing Returns

The downsizing of the MSM goes far beyond the newsroom. Sure, we knew the news hole was getting smaller and smaller, but here we can see that paper routes are too. My New York Times and Los Angeles Times are now delivered together, by the same carrier. How’s that for efficiency?

While the world of user generated media has certainly fragmented audiences, and the insatiable appetite for corporate profits has driven numerous mergers and consolidations in the MSM business. But the result for those of us in the public relations and media relations professionals is, in the case of television, one assignment editor calling the shots for two or even three stations in the same market, and first run network programming being re-purposed on cable. And in the case of print news, the loss of classified advertising revenue to Craig’s List and fewer readers has resulted in more senior reporters being pushed out, and more cub reporters covering news with less ability to put it in context.

No, media relations isn’t disappearing. But any smart PR practitioner who isn’t looking seriously at new media by now is wandering dangerously close to obsolescence.

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