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It's all music from Broadway productions of the 1920's; some famous productions, some not-so-famous -all great songs. There are funny songs, sad songs, romantic songs, and two chunks of the show are homages to Helen Morgan and Ruth Etting. My own grandmother was a dancer in the revue "Americana", in 1926 -the same show in which Helen Morgan was discovered by Jerome Kern, and then cast in the original "Showboat." I also touch on the songs of Fanny Brice and Helen Kane (the inspiration for the "Betty Boop" character). I'll sing the songs that those women made famous made famous, plus talk about, and sing the songs of, the great songwriters of the era: Irving Berlin, Rodgers and Hart, Jerome Kern, DeSylva, Brown and Henderson, Noel Coward, etc. 

The show opens with "Star Dust" -the great nostalgic song by Mitchell Parish and Hoagy Carmichael, written in 1929. It then goes through the "Ziegfeld Follies", "George White's Scandals" (the 1926 production of which my grandmother was a fifteen-year-old dancer in --at 91 years old, she will be AT THIS SHOW --I MAY Charleston with her), then on to "Showboat", and various other near-forgotten musicals and revues which produced some of the most famous and well-loved songs we know today. 

This black and white photograph of Maude Maggart was taken by Evan Nesbitt. 


In The News 

October 10, 2002





LA Weekly
Chins are stroked to the dulcet harmonies of "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody." At "Second Hand Rose," the light runs red across the piano-inflected jaunt of the moment as hidden feelings are exhumed from the iced earth of memory. "My Man" unveils Maggart's voice (exceptionally well-suited for the downtown Broadway theater district) as something rarely heard in today's vale of woe and atonality; a cabaret of light forms as the smoke of her voice enters the air and swings gently in the evanescent evening...