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“Kill the Researchers” Episode #347 of the Beancast [PODCAST]


Panelists Mitch Joel, President of Mirum, Digital Strategist Eric Schwartzman, Comply and Tom Webster, VP Strategy and Marketing at Edison Research discuss SnapChat, market research as content marketing, Uber in car advertising and more with host Bob Knorpp.


PR Tech Wednesdays

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behavioral training

Behavioral Training: Growth Mindset for Innovation and Leadership

Behavioral training is emerging as the best way to teach someone how to develop the courage to…

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HIPAA for Healthcare Providers: Respecting Patient Privacy on Social Media

The main rule that governs healthcare privacy is derived from a 1996 Federal Law called the Health…

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What You Need Besides Social Media Monitoring Tools to Predict Outcomes

I had a chance to interview Dr. Marc Teerlink, Global Strategist & Data Scientist at IBM recently….

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What’s Holding You Back from Achieving Results with Social Media?

Today’s workforce communicates and gets information through social media. It is a mainstream communications channel. 87% of…

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