Top Commercial Agency Inks Deal With Leading Live Entertainment Producer 

(Los Angeles, California/Aug. 31, 1999) – On the heels of producing the opening and closing ceremonies for the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Bob Talmage Associates has signed with Kazarian Spencer Agency (KSA) who will represent the production company for live entertainment and what Talmage calls “Corporate Theater.” 

The pact marks the first time KSA has repped a production company. The move gives the thriving commercial agency a solid packaging vehicle and opens Bob Talmage Associates to a new client base. 

“Julie McDonald and Tony Selznick’s choreography department is one of the highest grossing divisions at KSA. Both have successfully shown corporate America the importance of hiring a skilled team to produce live entertainment,” said Talmage. “And because Julie and Tony book their clients on everything from music tours to sales conferences, they have strong relationships throughout the corporate community. Bob Talmage Associates is proud to be represented by Julie and Tony at Kazarian Spencer,” continued Talmage. 

“Corporate America is on a constant search for out-of-the-box thinkers who can use entertainment to sell and Bob Talmage Associates does just that. No doubt, his contributions to the 1999 Women’s World Cup helped build the largest women’s sports event in the history of this country,” said McDonald. “Arla Dietz Baim of the choreography department will spearhead the account for KSA,” continued McDonald. 

Under the terms of the deal, Bob Talmage Associates will be repped by KSA for all aspects of live entertainment production but focusing on corporate events, where KSA and Bob Talmage Associates see a lucrative niche. Bob Talmage Associates produces all aspects of meeting & conventions including conceptual design, live entertainment production, site selection, video production, celebrity bookings, light & set design, permits and transportation. 

About Bob Talmage Associates 
Most marketing executives understand that quality entertainment can be used to sell a consumer almost any product or service. And while any skilled producer can create a spectacular show, few have the ability to infuse the entertainment seamlessly with a strong corporate marketing message. Fusing the gap between entertainment and brand identity has long been the forte of live event producer, Bob Talmage who produces exclusively through his company, Bob Talmage Associates. His accomplishments introducing events, products and services to the trade and consumers for brands like Nike, Skechers and Sun Microsystems have earned him a place as a leading producer of live entertainment and what he calls “corporate theater.”