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2/19/01 - I read with great interest Shaw's article, "For Film Publicists and Magazines, It's Mutual Exploitation" (Feb. 13)--great interest and not a small bit of surprise. I am a writer and the West Coast editor of both Cinefantastique and Femme Fatales magazines. I have covered many a story about a forthcoming film and have interviewed a considerable number of celebrities. It has been my experience that 99% of my contacts have been cooperative and undemanding in regard to his or her latest film effort. 

True, the magazines do not have the circulation that Time or Newsweek or even Entertainment Weekly have, and therefore perhaps are not considered in the mainstream, but I have sat down with the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer, John Dykstra and Sigourney Weaver, all well aware of what publication was being represented, and have been treated with nothing but courtesy and respect. There have been only three instances in which I have ever run into anything resembling temperament. Three incidents out of hundreds do not make a case, in my book. 

I am sure that with the research Shaw did, he came up with some very pertinent facts regarding exploitation on both sides of the word processor. However, as a reporter whose job it is to entice people to see films, this has not been my experience.