Company Fact Sheet

Corporate Name:

Rock-Ola Manufacturing Company, established 1927

Interesting Facts:
  • Rock-Ola is the oldest U.S. jukebox manufacturer in operation.

  • Mr. Rock-Ola released his first jukebox in 1935, the same year the Boswell Sisters released a song called “Rock and Roll,” and nearly 14 years before the birth of rock’n roll as a musical genre. Mr. Rock-Ola’s jukes became known as “rock boxes.” So while legendary Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed is credited with coining the phrase rock ‘n’ roll, it was Mr. Rockola’s namesake that was partially inspirational.

  • Rock-Ola owner Glenn Streeter built the vintage style jukebox that was on the set of “Cheers” for 14-years. The jukebox is currently on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C..

  • Coin-operated jukeboxes first became popular in road houses known as “juke joints” where they played mostly blues and other genres of music that were not regarded as fit for radio broadcast at the time.

  • Jukeboxes were used by music publishers as a way of promoting sheet music sales. At the time, there were more pianos than record players in U.S. homes, so publishers used jukeboxes to drive sales of printed sheet music by exposing listeners to lively, new musical compositions.

  • In addition to jukeboxes, over the years Rock-Ola also made coin-operated scales, pinball machines, parking meters, slot machines and shuffleboards.

Rock-Ola Jukeboxes

Home Editions:
  • Nostalgic music centers: Bubbler, Gazelle, Peacock and Harley-Davidson
  • Bubbler, most popular nostalgic jukebox with a CD-changer
  • Peacock, top-of-the-line jukebox that includes all classic features
  • Gazelle, replica of a rare wartime jukebox with art deco graphics and a carved wood base
  • R91, their smallest CD jukebox
Limited Editions:
  • Harley Davidson Edition – Only 1200 units in existence
  • Betty Boop Edition – Only 100 units in existence
  • The Beatles, Yellow Submarine Edition – Only 100 units in existence
  • Jim Beam Edition – Only 25 units in existence
  • Jack Daniels Edition – Only four units in existence
  • Brunswick Edition
  • Budweiser and Miller Beer Editions
  • Fender Guitar Jukebox Edition
Coin-Operated Editions:
  • E-Rock PV Series, digital-downloading jukeboxes with Peavy AMP and speakers
  • Rock Star, entry-level digital-downloading jukebox with Peavy AMP
  • Wall Rock, small-sized digital-downloading jukebox with Peavy AMP
  • E-Bubbler, commercial, nostalgic-style digital-downloading jukebox
  • Wallette, full-featured diner-style countertop digital-downloading jukebox, the smallest jukebox in the industry

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