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CNN Fires Eason Jordan for Comments Shared by Online Influencers

By Eric Schwartzman | February 14, 2005

Eason Jordan’s resignation wasn’t so much a victory for online influencers as it was a reputation management failure. By failing to adapt the network’s media relations practices in a meaningful way to work for online influencers, CNN set him up. CNN’s and Eason Jordan’s mistake was trying to mandate conventional media relations tactics with digital…

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Digital Public Relations Could Solve Industry’s PR Problem

By Eric Schwartzman | February 13, 2005

An article on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Business section titled “Spinning Frenzy: Bad Press for P.R.” (which is also the lead business story at nytimes.com) brings the Armstrong Williams/Ketchum/Dept. of Education scandal to the attention of a mainstream audience. The story ends with the following quote: “It’s an opportunity for people…

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Improve Marketing Accountable with Digital PR

By Eric Schwartzman | February 9, 2005

Ron Aslop’s article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal on the need for M.B.A. programs to do a better job covering public relations and marketing communications in their curriculum quotes McCall Butler of Fleishman-Hillard Public Relations in New York saying… “MBA programs are very obsessed with numbers, and since you can’t tie numbers easily to communications,…

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Finding 72 Market Street’s Kick-Ass Chili Recipe Online

By Eric Schwartzman | February 5, 2005
72 market street kick ass chili

I’ll be far away from the real Jerry McGuire, sports agent Leigh Steinberg who hosts his famous Super Bowl Party every year, watching the game at home instead with friends and family on our new Panasonic HD Plasma with Bose Surround Sound. I handled public relations for Leigh’s book “Winning with Integrity.” But I’ll definitely…

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Google Takes the Ring: Putting Video Monitoring Services and TV Guide on the Ropes

By Eric Schwartzman | January 25, 2005

If you’re a public relations consultant who spends time trying to get reporters to write about television programs so that viewers will tune in, this news about how technology is changing the way people decide what to watch may be of interest. Google’s announcement that they’ll by adding TV closed captioning to the list of…

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Ketchum Says “Lapse in Judgement” Done with “Highest Integrity”

By Eric Schwartzman | January 21, 2005

Here’s public relations agency Ketchum’s apology statement, released selectively to journalists. It is not posted on Ketchum or Omni Group’s website, and was not cleared on any of the wire services. It has been kept far away from Google’s spiders, for fear of being indexed and made searchable forever more. Google SERPs is the front…

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Ketchum Apologizes Through News Media

By Eric Schwartzman | January 20, 2005

It’s a good thing PR firm Ketchum apologized for paying conservative commentator Armstrong Williams to shill for No Child Left Behind on behalf of it’s client the U.S. Dept. of Education. But if they’d have been a little more proactive in disseminating their statement, I probably wouldn’t be reading about a statement they issued two…

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