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Ex-Google Search Quality Team Member Opens Kimono

Fili Wiese is a former Google Engineer and member of the search quality team. I spoke to him after his keynote at the Affiliate Meet Market in Berlin in October 2022. Tech SEO Topics Covered: How to tell Googlebot what to crawl and what to ignoreHow to manage your crawl budgetHow to retain backlink authorityHow…


How To Market Wine Online [Case Study]

In this episode of the Earned Media Podcast, learn how a small, family owned winery built a website that attracts more web traffic and drives more direct to consumer sales than most major wineries, without spending a nickel on advertising. This is an audio case study with my clients Ross and Jennifer Halleck, the owners…


Outsourcing Content Marketing with Laura Smous [Verblio Review]

I did not write anything below the subhead in this blog post. The author is Jason Joseph, who writes for a service you can outsource writing to called Verblio. If you're wondering whether or not Verblio is legit, this podcast and the post below are a live test of their service. If you're looking for…


Anne Ready

CEO, Ready for Media

Brilliant! Every question, every answer, right on the money!

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