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PR Tech Wednesdays – Podcast Edition

In this podcast, Bob Gold of Bob Gold & Associates and Kimberly Goodnight of Media Playground PR discuss the impact of the coronavirus on the public relations and media relations business. This is an audio replay of PR Tech Wednesdays, which you can attend live every Wednesday from 12-1pm PT. Sign up here.


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NY Times Best Seller David Meerman Scott
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Top rated Linkedin Instructor Dierdre Breakenridge
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The Earned Media Hour is a weekly, virtual gathering of business leaders where we share ideas about building visibility and credibility through digital public relations.

Earned media has the greatest leverage for growing your reach, since we often have more trust for the source of the message than we do for the messenger.

When I ran promotions at a global public relations agency, we sent press kits to reporters and followed up by pitching story ideas via phone. That was before the website killed the press kit.

Now, every company is a media company.

The world is Googling you. If they can’t qualify your pitch based on the search results, there’s a disconnect between what you say and what they see. And it fractures your credibility. 

At the same time, media coverage and guest posts on popular blogs enhance your credibility. But how long will that last?

62% of communications experts say we’re approaching an age where you won’t be able to tell between content by a reporter, a brand or an influencer. And most people won't even care.

How will you adapt to this brave new world, where popularity is credibility?

Join us live on screen for discussions about the latest developments in digital public relations on the Earned Media Hour.


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