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The Inside Out PR Program

The smart alternative to full life cycle PR outsourcing

The Inside Out PR Program

The smart alternative to full life cycle PR outsourcing

Earned Influence


  • What is earned influence
  • Levels of influence
  • Impact on revenue

Grow revenue by scaling the influence ladder

Strategy & Tactics


  • News coverage
  • Followers
  • Speaking opportunities 

Outsource senior leadership, insource execution


What You Get


  • News coverage
  • Followers
  • Speaking opportunities 

Strategy, resources and insight to earn influence


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Inside Out PR

Media Channel Growth Model - No Title

Logically sequence channel implementation and leverage earned media relations to grow your influence and reach.

Just as toddlers and teenagers have different needs, so do individuals and organizations at different growth stages.

Inside Out PR takes a Maslovian approach to client-PR agency relationships.

By decoupling strategy from tactics, I provide start-ups and change-ups with the knowledge, resources and guidance they need to successfully execute their own media relations programs.

Finally, a low-risk way to secure senior-level PR leadership and get yourself to the level where you can retian a PR firm and be successful.

Inside OUT PR Offerings

Get the guidance, resources, relationships and support you need to successfully execute an earned media relations program.

2020 Media Monitoring Buyer's Guide

Mockup Transp 2 (1)

In this report:

  • 17 Questions Media Monitoring Buyer's Should Ask
  • Features Comparison Grid
  • User Ratings Grid
  • Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
  • Reviews of Burrelles, Critical Mention, Cision, Intrado, Meltwater, Muck Rack, PublicRelay, Signal, Talkwalker and TVEyes
  • And much more
PR Tech Wed - No Tag

Weekly Live Video Chat at 12pm PT

Join our hive mind for a discussion about developments in PR Tech


Join me for a virtual PR Tech mentoring session with some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

PR Tech Wednesdays is a shared quest to keep our communications skills current.

Hope to see you there!