Digital Innovation Springboard Program

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You don't need more traffic. You need the right traffic.

Digital transformations can be tricky. I'm here to flatten your learning curve and accelerate your path to profits.

I've been a digital change agent for over 20-years. I've led initiative for Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, the United States Marine Corps and hundred of SMBs.

I wrote a best seller on B2B digital marketing and founded one of the first marketing software-as-a-service companies.

And I've led Fortune 500s, government agencies, military commands, nonprofits and small and medium-sized companies into the digital future.

My Springboard Program gives you the guidance, leadership, resources, training and relationships to pivot to digital successfully.

Mind Your Own Business


Manage your own digital marketing.

Book a free strategy session and learn what you need to be successful.

Find out:

  1. What you need to do to connect with customers online
  2. How to improve your existing web presence to increase conversions
  3. How to get it done without relying on consultants or agencies

Pandemic proof your company by virtualizing your business.

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Book a Free Strategy Session

If you have a website but don't know much about digital marketing, hiring a consultant is tricky.

Most SMBs want to master their digital marketing.  But with all that demand, there aren't enough digital marketing masters to go around.

You don't want to get stuck with someone who's learning on the job.

So if you're new to digital marketing, lack in-house resources and need help prioritizing a plan of attack, book a strategy call and let's talk.

I'm here to flatten your learning curve.

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No Monkey Business

Marketing agencies have no incentive to teach you SEO, marketing automation, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization because they want you reliant on them.

My flat-fee Digital Marketing Cluster is designed to teach you everything you need to know to grow your revenue 2-5x in 6 to 12 months with no long term commitment.

It's never too late to start competing online. Better late than out of business.

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Don't let anyone tell you that digital marketing is none of your business.

Learn to find, nurture and convert website visitors into paying customers so you don't go out of business.

Can't Press the Flesh? Time to Reassess.

If you can't compete online, you can't compete.

COVID-19 has forced every business to become digitally accessible.

We can't shake hands.

We can't meet in person.

The pandemic has restricted our ability to press the flesh.  And we're seeing a sharp rise in the number of businesses eager to generate deal flow online.

If you used to get customers at real-world events like trade shows and conferences, you need a way to virtualize your sales, marketing, and service capabilities.

3 steps to competing online:

  1. Learn to find qualified prospects online
  2. Learn to convince them to buy online
  3. Learn to support them as customers online

Digital business is no flash in the pan. Vaccine or no vaccine, digital business is here to stay.

Get educated on what it is and how it works. Learn how to mind your own business.

That way, you can do it yourself or outsource wisely, without being completely reliant on consultants or agencies.

Inside Outsourcing

If you're wary of outsourcing something you don't fully understand, I get it.

Digital marketing consultants charge high hourly rates and with so much demand for their services, it's a seller's market.

I work with clients differently. I give you the knowledge, resources, relationships and support so you can execute yourself.

And I charge a one-time, flat fee. So I'm motivated to get you cash positive fast.

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My business is getting you up to speed quickly so you can convert more leads and make more sales online.

Your Quickness is My Business

What is Organic Growth Marketing?

Organic revenue growth involves the use of owned, shared and earned media channels to increase sales and customer retention online.

Organic revenue growth originates from visitors who come to your website from Google search, content marketing, online influencers, email marketing campaigns, social media, blogs or news sites.

Organic revenue is generated when a visitor from one of these traffic sources arrives on your website and buys something, which is typical of less expensive transactions.

But organic growth marketing is not just for ecommerce providers.

For higher priced, considered purchases, organic revenue generation is the first step in a more complex sales process. 

B2B marketers use organic growth marketing to get email list subscribers, webinar registrations and white paper downloads.

Growth achieved through display advertising, programmatic advertising, native advertising or by boosting the reach social posts are paid, rather than organic growth business marketing tactics. 

Owned media refers digital media you own. More importantly, it is where you collect email addresses, generate leads and make sales.

Owned media, such as websites, online stores, blogs, podcasts, video on-demand, online courses and virtual events, is where you inform prospects, build thought leadership and ultimately, convert leads to revenue.

A social media post is not owned media because you don't control the proximity of your message to sponsored content, so you can't optimize for conversions.

Owned media is what others find when they search your brand. So it is what others use to evaluate you online.

Shared media is media shared on a social network.

What you share could be a link to owned media, such as a blog, white paper, webinar, infographic, podcast, or online course.

When owned media gets shared on a social network, others can like and comment.

Reach is driven by how much engagement the share receives.

On shared media, you connect with your community based on the topic of discussion.

In order to connect with the right audience, you should focus on discussing the problems your potential customers are trying to solve.

Shared media is where you connect with and build community.

You prospective customers consider the engagement level your brand gets on shared media to be a measure of your credibility.

After you've established your owned media footprint, building out your shared media profile comes second.

If you're unknown online, people use your owned media presence in deciding whether to engage.

Earned media is media that's about you, but which does not appear on your owned media channels.

It could be an article you contributed to someone else's blog, a TV or podcast guest appearance or an article about you by a trade or mainstream media journalist.

It's much easier to earn media coverage after you've established your owned media presence and built a community on shared media.

Your owned media footprint and shared media engagement levels are what qualify you in the eyes of others for earned media relations.

Earned media can drive exponential growth, because the way we receive information is often more important than the information itself.

Connect to Community

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Scale Your Influence

  • Calibrate your content
  • Connect with your community
  • Earn thought leadership

Attract qualified visitors, not more visitors and increase conversions.

Calibrate your Convent

Owned Shared earned Paid Model

Owned Media First

  • First, optimize your website
  • Next, invite your followers
  • Then, begin your outreach

Optimize your website, grow social media following and earn recognition.


Convert more Customers

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Growth Quadrants

  • Set the stage
  • Bring in the fans
  • Leverage earned media

Accelerate organic growth with an owned, shared, earned strategy.