Digital Freelancers Reshaping Modern Workforce


The gig economy isn’t limited to just Uber and Task Rabbit anymore. 

Even the Fed is trying to figure out how to deal with the “sharp increase” in freelance work arrangements, fueled largely by online marketplaces.You can hire out work online for just about anything – from public relations to mobile app development – and you can do it from your smartphone.

Over the last 10 years, all net employment growth in the U.S. came from alternative work arrangements, not full-time jobs, according to a study by RAND.

And now that the gig economy has been around for a few years and the resulting data is starting to get analyzed, we’re seeing the evidence of how service-oriented, freelancer marketplaces that connect buyers and subcontractors are changing the workforce. 

Gig economy platforms are impacting nearly every blue and white collar labor sector including skilled, unskilled, professional and even higher ed, where student freelancers are threatening to replace interns.