(EL SEGUNDO/March 11, 2003) Bus manufacturer Gillig Corporation, established in 1890, has chosen business consulting and systems integration firm Syncata Corporation’s TREAD Reporting Engine to help them meet looming federal reporting rules and regulations imposed under the Transportation Recall, Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act. 

The TREAD Act requires vehicle and equipment makers to submit detailed reports summarizing information about consumer complaints as well as warranty, legal claims and field reports to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The first reporting period begins April 1, 2003. 

Syncata’s TREAD Reporting Engine is an information technology solution that collects data from disparate sources and generates the necessary pre-formatted TREAD compliance reports. 

“Syncata’s TREAD Reporting Engine delivers the functionality we need to meet the early warning reporting requirements quickly and cost-effectively,” said Bob Birdwell, executive director of quality and service at Gillig Corporation. “Rather than build something in-house from scratch, we decided to save time and money by taking advantage of Syncata’s pre-built components and vehicle industry experience helping others comply,” Birdwell added. 

“Syncata designed the TREAD Reporting Engine for maximum reliability and flexibility. Companies like Gillig need a system that leverages their existing infrastructure and processes. However it is critical that the solution meet not only the current requirements but also accommodates the changes that will surely come from NHTSA over time,” said Marianne Grant, director of the Syncata Business Innovation Center. Plus, access to this valuable operational data positions Gillig to realize important benefits beyond compliance.” 

About Syncata’s TREAD Reporting Engine 2.2sm: 
· Generates all required NHTSA reports in NHTSA-specified format. 
· Includes pre-defined routines for import of source data to NHTSA. 
· Includes services for all required third party software. 
· Enables single-level serial routing for report reviews and approvals. 
· Includes pre-defined database structure with backup routines. 
· Offers a web-based interface with provision for security and user management. 

About Gillig Corporation 
Founded in San Francisco in 1890, Gillig Corp. is the second largest producer of transit buses in North America (APT A's 2000 Data Book) and has produced buses for almost l00 different customers, from Alaska to Florida and in order sizes from 1 to 500 buses. Gillig Corp. can be found on the web at 

About Syncata Corporation 
Founded in 1990, Syncata helps automotive and industrial manufacturing companies improve operational performance and profitability. The firm designs processes and integrates systems that help solve specific problems within sales, finance, manufacturing, distribution and service operations. The firm has offices in Michigan (Southfield), California (El Segundo and Irvine) and India (New Delhi).