Fast Facts

Media Contact: Eric Schwartzman, Schwartzman & Associates (310) 446-83l0 

Overview: CDDB is the largest online database of information about audio CDs, with over 500,000 CD album titles, nearly 5 million song titles, and continuing to grow at an average rate of 500 new entries a day. Over 10 million fans a month connect to CDDB to retrieve free information about the music they play. Besides providing a valuable service for online users, this also allows CDDB to aggregate statistics on what music is being played around the world, and, with a fan’s permission, to provide targeted promotions, advertising, and e-commerce within CDDB-enabled applications. 

Disc Recognition ServiceSM: CDDB’s unique Disc Recognition ServiceSM (DRS) identifies an audio CD by its table of contents and instantly retrieves related information via Internet from CDDB’s network of high-bandwidth database servers. This solves a problem that has plagued developers and users of audio CD player applications: the fact that artist, title, track, and other information is not contained on the CD itself, forcing the user to type it in manually. CDDB is able to provide this information instantly and effortlessly for the fan. 

CDDB-enabled Music Applications: Through licensing arrangements with other Internet companies and developers, CDDB’s Disc Recognition Service is used exclusively in more than 200 music applications including market leaders RealJukebox, WinAmp, and MusicMatch Jukebox. The CDDB web site,, provides access to the largest selection of CD software players in the world. CDDB has distributed more freeware and shareware music software players than any single URL on the world-wide web. 

The CDDB Digital Top Ten and Silicon CDTM: With over 10 million fans connecting to the CDDB service every month, CDDB is able to chart the audio CDs most frequently played in computers around the world. The CDDB Digital Top Ten Chart and other statistics, updated daily on, have become the world’s most accurate tabulation of how often fans actually play the CDs they buy. A CD that ranks in the CDDB Top Ten for 30 or more consecutive days is certified as “Silicon.” CDDB has awarded the CDDB Silicon CDTM (made from an actual silicon wafer) to artists Alanis Morissette, Britney Spears, and alternative rock band Korn. 

CDDB2: Fourth Quarter, 1999 sees the launch of CDDB2, a complete upgrade of the CDDB service and database. CDDB2 expands the artist, title, and track data to add detailed performer credits for the disc or on a track-by-track basis; over 250 genre categories; segments (annotated musical passages either longer or shorter than a single track); and associated URL information, such as artist, genre, or fan web sites. CDDB2 also adds international language support in the form of 16-bit Unicode character encoding for non-western alphabets. The CDDB2 Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to make it easier for developers to create CDDB2-enabled applications.