• Since 10/02, editor-in-chief of Cinefantastique, the magazine of record for science-fiction, horror and fantasy, covering film, television, comics and video games. Circulation: 60,000. 

• 1/00 -10/02 Executive Editor, Features, The Hollywood Reporter. Duties include planning editorial schedules, conducting interviews, taking photographs, writing stories and headlines, editing text and photos, assigning and paying freelance writers, and representing the magazine at industry functions. Have overseen THR's largest annuals and specials: Cannes, American Film Market, the Oscar Watch series, and the 70th Anniversary edition. Circulation: 40,000. 
• 5/95 to 1/00, Senior Editor of American Cinematographer magazine. Duties included planning annual editorial schedules, conducting interviews, taking photographs, writing stories and headlines, editing text and photos, assigning and paying freelance writers and representing the magazine at industry functions. AC earned six Maggie nominations and taken home two awards during my tenure, and was honored with the 1996 Folio Editorial Excellence Award for Best Business Magazine. Circulation: 40,000. 
• 5/90 to 4/95, Senior Editor of Film Threat, a national indie film magazine with a circulation of 65,000. Was responsible for planning editorial, writing and assigning stories, editing text and photos. 
• 2/91 to 9/95, Editor-in-Chief of Film Threat Video Guide, a quarterly independent film and video journal. Planned and oversaw all aspects of the magazine, including editorial, design, advertising, publishing, and distribution. Circulation: 25,000. 
• 11/90 to 6/96, Director of Film Threat Video, a distribution company handling 45 video titles. Duties included procuring new films, developing advertising and packaging, building a distributor network, and handling contracts and payments. 
• 10/89 to 5/90, Researcher/Writer for Celebrity Service, a noted national entertainment information company. 
• Have freelanced for Details, Sci-Fi Universe and Wild Cartoon Kingdom; Empire and Film Focus (U.K.) and Cinemag and Le Cinephage (France). Interviewees include Robert Redford, James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, Oliver Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Jim Jarmusch, Hans Zimmer, Jan De Bont, Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, John Waters and Lars Von Trier. 

Special Skills: 
• In-depth knowledge of film production techniques (including cinematography, postproduction and visual effects). 
• Comprehensive Mac knowledge. Programs: Microsoft Word, QuarkXPress, Photoshop. 
• Experienced in 35mm and medium-format still photography. 
• Versed in dealing with professionals, delegating tasks and accomplishing set goals. 


• San Francisco State University 
B.A. FILM PRODUCTION - 1989 Cum Laude 

David E. Williams grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and discovered his father's Super 8 camera in his early teens. He earned a BA in film production and theory at San Francisco State University, where he made experimental short films and dabbled in animation. 
In 1989, Williams moved to Los Angeles to join the staff of Film Threat magazine, a pioneering publication that documented the indie film scene long before it was chic to do so. 
At FT, Williams interviewed such filmmakers as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Jim Jarmusch, Dario Argento, Peter Jackson and John Waters. Meanwhile, he edited the Film Threat Video Guide, a sister publication that chronicled the burgeoning underground film and video scene, and oversaw the company's video distribution arm, which specialized in strange and unusual films. 
In 1995, Williams joined the staff of American Cinematographer magazine, becoming the senior editor while picking the brains of noted directors of photography and interrogating many other film professionals for the sake of AC's readership. 
Williams moved over to The Hollywood Reporter in early 2000 as the executive editor of features and special issues, coordinating coverage of such events as the Sundance and Cannes film festivals and the Academy Awards while also specializing in indie film, visual effects, cinematography and film preservation. 
Williams is currently the editor of Cinefantastique, the magazine of record for science-fiction, fantasy and horror. 
He has also contributed to such diverse publications as Details, Empire, Sci-Fi Universe, Wild Cartoon Kingdom and Avant Premiére. 
Williams is married to Corey Sienega, the executive producer of the 1998 horror comedy Bride of Chucky, and producer of both the controversial 2002 thriller Frailty and the 2003 family film Secondhand Lions. 

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