CDDB Biographies


James M. Kinney, General Manager 
Mr. Kinney joined Escient, CDDB’s parent company, in 1998 as the Vice President of Consumer Sales. In the fourth quarter of 1998, Mr. Kinney assumed the role of Vice President and General Manager of CDDB, Inc. Mr. Kinney was formerly with Canal Technologies, a company he founded, which was acquired by Escient in 1998. Canal provided corporate and Federal Government organizations with high performance data storage and backup products and engineering services. 

Prior to founding Canal Technologies, Mr. Kinney was the Senior Vice President for Communications Products, Inc. (CPI) an Indianapolis-based network systems integrator. During Mr. Kinney’s tenure at CPI, the company grew ten-fold and was named to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the country. Mr. Kinney has also held senior sales positions with Wang Federal Systems Division. 

Mr. Kinney has a Bachelor of Science of Industrial Management degree from Purdue University. 

Ann E. Greenberg, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development 
Ms. Greenberg is responsible for creating strategic alliances, implementing the Company’s marketing plans, and guiding CDDB product and business development efforts. Ms. Greenberg developed and launched CDDB’s innovative Silicon CD Award and is the Company’s primary interface with the recording industry. 

In 1993, Ms. Greenberg co-founded ION, the world’s first interactive music label which was acquired by CDDB in November of 1998. In 1994, ION released one of the world’s first enhanced CDs—“The Gingerbread Man” from cult band The Residents. That same year, ION also produced David Bowie’s Jump Interactive CD, the artist’s first foray into multimedia CD content. Ms. Greenberg was instrumental in transitioning ION’s enhanced CD technology and business processes into implementations that use the Web and that are being utilized at CDDB. Prior to founding ION, Ms. Greenberg was the head of marketing for the Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation, a critically acclaimed independent feature film company in Hollywood. 

Ms. Greenberg studied Architecture and Cinema and earned a degree in Creative Arts & Cinema from California State University at San Francisco. 

Ty Roberts, Chief Technology Officer 
Mr. Roberts joined the Company in November of 1998 when CDDB acquired ION, a multimedia and music technology company that Mr. Roberts founded with Ms. Ann Greenberg in 1993. Mr. Roberts serves as CDDB’s chief strategist for providing technology direction and the creation of products and services that leverage the power of the CDDB database and the ability of the Internet to direct multimedia content to consumers. Mr. Roberts is CDDB’s representative to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) organization that is chartered with establishing standards for digital music and music playing devices. 

While at ION, Mr. Roberts was the company’s leading technologist and was widely recognized in the music industry as one of the inventors of enhanced CD technology. ION was an innovator in adding multimedia content to traditional audio CDs and produced some of the recording industry’s first enhanced audio CD titles including David Bowie’s Jump and Headcandy from Brian Eno. ION was also widely recognized as a leading provider of enhanced CD production tools utilized by recording and multimedia development companies. 

Prior to founding ION, Mr. Roberts was a founder and senior manager of Light Source, a software development company that produced multimedia and graphics editing software. Mr. Roberts also was a senior engineer at Pixar and early in his software development career, was the creator of a number of award winning Apple-based music applications including Studio Session and Jam Session.

Steve Scherf, Co-founder and Chief Architect 
Mr. Scherf is the co-founder of the original CDDB group and the co-creator of the CDDB disc recognition service with Mr. Ti Kan. Within CDDB, Mr. Scherf is the lead scientist for designing and implementing CDDB database and disc recognition technologies. In addition, Mr. Scherf oversees the development of all CDDB server architecture used to support end users worldwide. 

Prior to joining the Company in August 1998 and working on CDDB full-time, Mr. Scherf was a senior engineer at Stratus Computers, a manufacturer of high-availability, fault-tolerant UNIX servers. Since beginning work at Stratus in 1992, Mr. Scherf advanced through a number of engineering assignments and led a team of engineers developing I/O subsystems, device control subsystems, and performance benchmarking tools. Before joining Stratus, Mr. Scherf was a UNIX developer for Altos Computers specializing in SCSI and RAID technology development. 
Mr. Scherf is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and holds degrees in Math and Biology. 
Mickey W. Mantle, Vice President of Engineering 
Mr. Mantle joined CDDB in July 1999 and oversees all CDDB engineering and systems operations activities. Prior to joining CDDB, Mr. Mantle was a founder of Software Development Resources, LLC, a bay area technical consulting business. SDR provided senior technical and engineering management support for emerging Internet companies such as 

Prior to SDR, Mr. Mantle was the Chief Technology Officer for International Microcomputer Software, Inc. (IMSI), a developer of PC graphics and CAD applications. During his career, Mr. Mantle was also the Vice President of Engineering at Broderbund Software. At Broderbund, Mr. Mantle directed the engineering of industry recognized CD-ROM titles such as Myst and Riven. Prior to Broderbund, Mr. Mantle was a General Manager at Pixar. There he participated in creating the RenderMan animation product, software that provided stunning special effects in movies such as Star Wars and A Toy Story. 

Mr. Mantle holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah.