Case Study

 Schwartzman PR is a Los Angeles-based public relations firm founded by Eric Schwartzman

Gracenote, formerly CDDB 

Execute an integrated public relations program to promote greater understanding and awareness of CDDB Inc. and their music information service to build awareness and increase usage. 

key strategies 
  • Differentiate CDDB from the media player applications it enables, build greater understanding of the 'Disc Recognition Service’ and introduce the media to the world’s largest music information database through concise written communications.
  • Use the latest technology to build and maintain three different custom news databases (Consumer, Entertainment Trade & Digital Music) and deliver a steady stream of relevant communications to these journalists via the Net.
  • Promote the sum total of look-ups CDDB aggregates to reveal to the public and the media most played albums online. Create a new pop music chart dubbed the ‘CDDB Top Ten’ and use it to earn media recognition. 
  • Introduce the ‘Silicon CD Award’, made from an actual laser-etched silicon wafer, to recognize artists that rank on the ‘CDDB Top Ten’ for a span of 30 days or more.
  • Interface with media player licensees and affiliates including Yahoo!, Real and CMGI to promote CDDB to consumers, the entertainment trades and journalists covering the emerging digital music sector.


  • “.a well-known Berkeley, Calif., music-information service called CDDB Inc. is changing its name to Gracenote and introducing a music browser program that makes it easier to obtain data about artists while users are listening to music.”- The Wall Street Journal
  • Extensive print coverage in key publications including Time Magazine, USA Today, Playboy Magazine, Dow Jones and Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine, among 
  • ‘Silicon CD Award’ presentations to Britney Spears, Alanis Morissette and Kid Rock leading to a wide range of media placements on and offline.
  • Targeted online media placements with,, and Webnoize, among others.
  • Satellite fed Jonathan Davis, lead singer of alternative rock band Korn, to Times Square for live ‘Silicon CD’ Award Presentation at Jupiter Communications’ Plug In conference.
  • Nationwide MTV Radio tour featuring Grammy-nominated artist Reeves Gabrels.
  • Syndication of the ‘CDDB Top Ten’ ranking with Billboard’s Hits of the Web, updated weekly.